Global Dental Exchange
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Manitoba Dental Association is pleased to work with the Canadian Dental Association in hosting the April 2021 Virtual Conference April 12th - 17th with access to exhibit hall and on-demand sessions through to April 25th.

What we have traditionally known to be our “Trade Show” or “Exhibitors Hall” is changing and we are now proud to welcome you to the Global Dental Exchange.

To assist you in gaining more insight into how the Global Dental Exchange works for exhibitors we have prepared a Video and Power Point presentation.

In addition to this we are providing access to written material guides to assist you in developing your virtual booth (See Links Below)
To access the Video & Power Point use the link below & please use Password: GDE2021
Supporting Documents on how to build and use your
Global Dental Exchange virtual booth.
Global Dental Exchange Registration

Our On-Line Registration will be opening soon.

Watch for an update coming soon!

2020 Exhibitors that still have financial booth credits with the MDA will be able to apply these towards the 2021 Virtual Convention.

Questions? Please email Greg Guenther: