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Welcome to the 27th Annual
New England Craft and Specialty Food Fair
November 10, 11 & 12, 2023
Topsfield Fairgrounds Indoor Arena - Topsfield, MA
& Hours:
November 10
10am - 5pm
November 11
10am - 5pm
November 12
10am - 4pm
Set Up Hours:
  • Thursday 11/9 from 2pm to 7pm
  • Friday 11/10 from 6am to 9am
  • Doors re-opens Saturday & Sunday at 8am for exhibitors

All exhibitors must be onsite and booths ready to open by 9:30am each day.

Due to Pipe & Drape and Electrical set up, there are no early Set Up hours.

Check In
Castleberry Registration is located inside Arena. Please stop by Registration for booth number, exhibitor badge, parking pass and show details.
  • This is a paid admission event, all exhibitors and helpers MUST wear a 2023 Castleberry Button.

  • This facility is carry/dolly-in only.  
  • NO Vehicles or motorized flatbeds may drive into the building.
  • DO NOT block doors, driveway or fire lanes. 
  • After you have finished unloading please move your vehicle to designated exhibitor parking.
See signs on site. 



  • Service Animals are Welcome.
  • Pets are NOT Allowed at Indoor Events.


  • All Booths are Indoor.
  • Canopy Covers are NOT Permitted Indoors.
  • We MUST protect the "grass" carpet.
  • If you sample anything you must put down a runner so nothing spills onto the carpet.
  • If you have any paints or material that might fall onto the carpet, put down a runner.
  • If you accidentally spill anything, please let us know right away so we can clean it up. 
  • This Arena is used for sports and it is very important NOT to leave any pushpins or needles on the turf carpet.

  • If your booth is 10 x 10 you may set up your canopy frame only. Canopy covers are not allowed.
  • Please note your booth is only 6 or 10 feet deep, the space behind your booth is for the electrical boxes and MUST remain open/accessible. 
  • Pipe and Drape is provided for this event.

Colors are RED AND WHITE.


Exhibitor Parking: See signs on site.

  • Parking pass MUST be displayed in your windshield at all times.
  • DO NOT block doors, driveway or fire lanes
  • DO NOT park directly out front of public entrance, must leave the closest parking for our shoppers.
  • Cargo trailers may be dropped beside the arena or in the front lot.
  • Free Dry RV parking (No Services)
  • Overnight parking is allowed at this location.
  • Free Coffee & Donuts will be provided on Friday until 9:00 am. 
  • There is a Snack Bar open during event hours
  • Outside food and drink is NOT allowed into the event during open hours.
  • Exhibitors are permitted to bring in outside food, prior to OPEN - PUBLIC hours.
  • Located inside the Arena.



  • Electric is available for a fee.
  • Electricity up to 500 watts - $75.00
  • Electricity up to 1000 watts - $150.00
  • Exhibitors who have signed up for electricity may plug into the outlet (box) behind their booth OR along the wall.
  • If you have not signed up for Electric, we cannot guarantee you will be able to get it.

  • ATM'S is located inside the Arena.

We cannot depend on the Wi-Fi.

The Topsfield Fair folks have put a lot of money into Wi-Fi BUT the signal is not consistent. 

Please bring your own means to process credit card transactions through your cellular data plan.

  • The Building will be locked after set up and at show closing each day.
  • Security is only a deterrent. 
  • We are not responsible for loss or damages. 
  • You MUST cover/enclose your booth at closing each day. 
Sales Tax
  • Massachusetts Sales Tax is 6.25%
  • All exhibitors are responsible for removing their own garbage.
  • Put trash in barrels provided.
  • Please make sure to clean up after the show, leaving your space as you had found it. 

Rules & Regulations

Important Note to Food Vendors

All Specialty Food Vendors MUST obtain a Temporary Health Permit from the Topsfield Health Department.

  • Please be sure to bring with you - any Health Permits, Ingredient Labels, ServSafe Certification, Allergen Awareness Certification and any other Proof that the food you are sampling or selling is made in an inspected facility.

*Please note - If you sample anything you must put down a runner so nothing spills on the grass carpet. This Arena is used for sports and it is very important that nothing gets on or in the turf carpet.

Links of Interest

Directions: Driving Directions to the event

  • From Route 95 take Exit 70 onto Route 1!
  • GPS Address: 207 Boston Street, Topsfield, MA

Weather: This event is held indoor and outdoor, rain, snow or shine.

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