Exit 16 DDI news & updates
Winter 2022-2023
Winter Operations in a DDI
Diverging Diamond Interchanges are being installed all over the US since their conception in the early 2000s. Dozens of snowy states in the US have operational DDIs, including Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota and Alaska. Here is a great link that discusses the concerns raised and benefits experienced in Michigan.

VTrans has coordinated with several of these state DOTs to discuss concerns with winter maintenance of DDIs and found that they aligned with VTrans' current standard winter maintenance activities. VTrans maintenance crews are aware of the Exit 16 DDI project and are prepared to clear the roadways of snow and ice per the Agency's Snow and Ice Control Plan.

Motorists should practice the same safe winter driving practices on all roads, including following posted roadway signs and traffic signals, keeping a safe distance from snowplows, expecting delays and allowing extra travel time. Additionally, users will be able to rely on a robust signing design and traffic signals to assist in guiding them through the Exit 16 DDI when pavement markings are temporarily covered.
Project Updates
Construction of the Exit 16 DDI project will be completed in two phases under two separate construction contracts which will be executed sequentially. The project has been approved for winter work and construction on the initial phase will begin as early as the last week of January 2023. Phase 1 construction will consist of utility relocation, waterline replacement, utility duct bank installation, retaining wall construction, and some ledge removal.

The construction public meeting will be held in early to mid January and including a presentation on the project overview, construction schedule and sequencing, the anticipated impacts, and information about future blasting activities with the opportunity to ask questions of the project team and contractor. Additional information including the exact time, date, and location will be shared in supplemental notices as the information becomes available.

The second construction phase is anticipated to be advertised and awarded in Winter/Spring 2024 and completed by Summer 2026. Phase 2 construction will consist of the bulk of the roadway work including the installation of the DDI, the addition of turning lanes, and the implementation of the pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.

Check out the project website, which is regularly updated with new information.
Bird's Eye View - Interactive Map
As we head into winter construction activities, the Exit 16 DDI Project Team wants to remind stakeholders about the Interactive Map feature on the project website. The Interactive Map feature shows geolocated project information allowing users to select and view project information by location on the map.

Currently, the Interactive Map feature contains information on existing conditions, animations, and planned improvements throughout the entire project. As the project moves into construction, the Interactive Map feature will be updated frequently to include active and completed construction activities.
Translated Materials
VTrans is committed to providing a comprehensive and robust communications and public outreach program as part of this project.

The project website has been upgraded to include a translation feature with the ability to automatically translate website content into 11 languages.

In addition, the website is now home to a translated materials tab which includes several frequently asked questions and answers that have been translated into 11 languages with help from trained interpreters and translators from AALV in Burlington, Vermont.
Exit 16 DDI Frequently Asked Questions
Want to learn how to navigate to the DDI during a winter storm or during a power outage?

Find the answer to this question and more on the Exit 16 DDI FAQ page, which is regularly updated with new information.
Have questions for the project team? Contact us anytime by email or through the project hotline.

Project Hotline: 802-595-4399