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The Yarborough Office is a practice dedicated to bringing real world, no-nonsense solutions to individuals and businesses with delinquent IRS tax problems.  The firm has built a reputation as a strong, reliable resource for tough IRS tax problems that need an experienced advocate to proactively seek protection of the client's hard earned income and assets. 


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David Yarborough

David Yarborough CEO

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We appreciate the opportunity to stay in touch with you.  Fall brings a change of seasons and an opportunity for a new perspective.  We invite you to make a fresh start and join our other clients on the way to becoming IRS tax debt free.   

Call me today at (800) 270-8616 to find out how we can help you.
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David Yarborough
 Exit Out of IRS Debt

Exit for Fresh Start    
The hardest steps are always in the beginning.  It's time to "EXIT" onto the Tax Debt Free Road.  Your IRS debt weighs heavily on your mind, even if you manage to push it aside...for a little while.  But these issues have to be dealt with and the sooner you begin addressing them, the easier the process will be and the sooner it can be over! 
Good News From The Yarborough Office
Tax Debt Free Success Story #1:
 A business owner saves $981,915 in unpaid IRS taxes thanks to The Yarborough Office!
(August 2012)  This businessman owed IRS Trust Fund taxes from unpaid payroll taxes in the amount of $1,162,885.  Enrolled Agents at The Yarborough Office were able to negotiate with the IRS on his behalf and the IRS accepted an offer of $180,970!  His debt is now paid and all liens removed.
Success Story #2:
The Yarborough Office negotiated a $230,310 reduction for a client!
(September 2012)  A client came to The Yarborough Office owing $235,310 to the North Carolina Department of Revenue, from a failed business venture.  The State of North Carolina assessed a large outstanding business tax debt to him personally.  The Enrolled Agents at The Yarborough Office negotiated an Offer in Compromise with the State and settled his large tax debt for $5,000 - saving our client $230,310!  He has paid his Offer of Compromise in full and is now living tax debt free! 

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