In discussions with Business Owners, the question about value is mostly answered with “I think it is worth” but mostly lacks the supporting information. Looking at the statistics for Businesses that are for Sale, closed deal vs not closed at any level, two things stand out. One, the value expectations are too high and two, the other non-structured process in non – sale events.
As for the process, a seasoned Business Intermediary / Advisor will guide you through rather than using a high cost Exit strategist in a two-year engagement. As for the valuation , an initial assessment on your current Business, supported with a GAP analysis for future improvements gives you an excellent window of value, that lets you decide when to go to Market, but also offers the prospect of immediate engagement in case the unexpected Buyer shows up on your front Door. If exiting your Company is on the 24 Month down the road, contact us for a free consultation. To learn more about valuation, download the info here.

The Ultimate test for the Market Value, we put your Company on the Market without an asking price, and let the potential Buyers determine, wantt to give that a try? Contact us.