Thursday, July 16, 2020 • 8:30AM - 4:30PM • Workshop ID #SU2044297
We know you have questions about what teaching and learning will look like in the fall. While we don't know the future, we do know planning for the uncertain future and helping you become the very best you can be, includes virtual instruction. Ultimately, we want to help you meet the needs of the students no matter what is thrown at us.
Good news!
Your education service center and the other 19 service centers across the state have teamed up to support you and your learners through the Exploring and Expanding Virtual Teaching and Learning Conference on July 16.

This event, packed with 100+ breakout sessions, will begin with an inspirational keynote kickoff with long-time educator and author Riney Jordan.
Things have changed… but the most important things haven’t.
The institutions of learning are having to educate our children in new and creative ways; however, some things, the most important things, will always be required to shape and mold young lives and will need to be emphasized and focused on more than ever.

This veteran teacher, communicator, and advocate for children will give you, perhaps, his greatest challenge ever as we sail forth in uncharted waters.
Flexible Learning Pace at a Bargain
Each live session will be 50 minutes. As a participant, you will have access to all presentations for two weeks –– That’s more than 100 sessions you can tap into virtually for six hours of CPEs.

We know that budgets are tight and that we are headed into more uncertainty created by the pandemic, so we are happy to offer a phenomenal rate: Bargain One-Time Fee - $50.
Questions? Contact Casey Callahan –