June 19, 2020
Dear Members,

It has been good to see many of you at the club as we continue to open for even more activities, keeping the safety of members in mind as top priority. We are adapting as necessary to the changing conditions, and will continue to do so as county regulations change.
Family Swim Added
We are happy to announce that we will start offering Family Swim time beginning Thursday, June 25.

Please pay attention when booking time to sign up for either Lap Swim time or Family Swim time. The pool will be configured differently for each time .

Lap swim - 9 am to noon (2 swimmers per lane max from the same family)
Family swim - 12:30 pm to 8 pm
On some days an additional lap swim time will be added in the evening.

Families may sign up for up to three sessions per week of 1.5 hours each.

During family swim time, families sign up for a section of the pool to use as they wish. The number of swimmers must be listed at registration as we are limited to 10 people total in the pool per county rules. Signups without the number of swimmers will be invalidated. Check any other signups at the time you register and do not sign up for a time if by doing so the number of swimmers will exceed 10. If a reservation is created that will exceed 10 swimmers, reservations will be allowed on a first come, first served basis.

Areas of the pool during Family Swim time are as follows (see photo above):

Zone A: Lanes 1 & 2 including the steps (closest to the office) Enter through first pool gate.

Zone B : Lanes 5 & 6 including the steps (closest to the artificial grass) Enter though middle pool gate.

Zone X : Deep end/diving well. Deep water only, all swimmers must be water safe. Enter through far pool gate close to basketball court.

Lifeguards will not be on duty. Parents/guardians must watch children closely. There will be a Club Monitor supervising pool use and social distancing but not lifeguard trained. The Monitor is there for supervision and sanitation after use but not to clean up after you. Please clean up after yourself and take everything that you brought home with you or dispose of it properly.

Families are asked to maintain social distancing and stay in their Zone and their labeled area of the deck. A labeled shaded table and chairs will be provided for each Zone.

Kickboards and pool noodles will not be available. Members may check equipment out for loan while supplies last. Please take them home with you and bring them each time you come.

Lap swimming may be available during the Family swim time depending on the number of family swimmers. This will be upon request and by special reservation by the office staff.

Violation of the rules is subject to loss of priveleges to access the club.
Online Skedda Signup Information/Reminders
We continue to use the online reservation system Skedda to sign up for use of the tennis courts and pool.

Please note: For tennis signups the names of all members who will be playing at the club need to be listed while booking.

For swimming, you must note # of swimmers! Bookings will be invalidated if # of swimmers are not listed.

Note: If you've already agreed to an earlier version of the tennis or swim rules, you do not need to agree again.

After you have read and agreed to the special rules for either tennis or swimming, create an account using the invite link sent to you from the office. After that, you can navigate to Skedda and login anytime to make a reservation. You should be able to see the spaces for which you have agreed to the special COVID-19 rules. We ask that each family use one signup account at this time.

Please cancel any reservations you won't need in order to allow other members to use the space. No-shows are subject to a suspension of signup access.

For the pool, reservations are only allowed for 1.5 hour blocks of time and at specified times. This is to allow as many bookings as possible and to eliminate gaps.
Thank you!
Please say a big thank you to the staff who are working to keep the club open and safe during this time. Friendly faces to get to know:

Charles Kingsley - formerly only maintenance staff and now also helping out in the evenings. Charles has been instrumental in keeping the club going and open!

Ken Kingsley and Brian Bautista - Maintenance staff who have worked hard on many projects around the club.

Marion Schade & Sharon Hirozawa - Office Staff who have helped with various projects and whatever was asked.

Club Monitors - These are young people hired to help with check in and cleaning. Their smiling (under the mask) faces will greet you as you arrive at the club: Anushka & Meran Brito, Edison Chen, Etienne de Raynal, Lillian Kann, Jacob Kim, Bauer & Tessa Muhle, Crystal Qian, Catherine Rayos, Lauren Takaki, Ben & Jack Townsend, and Cole & Jackson Walker. Take a moment to introduce yourself to them.

Thanks, everyone!
As always, if you have any questions, please reach out. We are all working to allow as much club use to as many members as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sharon Schedler
Club Manager