While it's not yet complete, our showroom (upstairs and downstairs) is expanding and changing to meet Berbere's commitment toward supplying its designers with compelling, hand-selected furnishings and accessories from artisan families globally. 

With our expanded showroom, we now have the facility to accommodate larger hand-carved legacy quality mirrors, consoles, and display cases—all ideal for homes and environments looking for that one compelling piece that defines a room. 

We also have a range of new accessories, all in that signature wabi-sabi meets Mediterranean style Berbere is becoming known for. Spoiler alert:   be on the lookout for a new Berbere company - featuring a curated collection of some of Berbere's most outstanding pieces. 

While the showroom isn't quite complete, please stop by anytime. Seriously stop by as many of the items in these pictures are either already on hold or sold! 

We look very forward to seeing you soon.