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Today, I signed a resolution, along with a number of my colleagues in the newly formed Paul Douglas Alliance to increase government transparency and efficiency. The resolution calls for a hearing to explore expansion of the Office of the Inspector General to include oversight of the City Council members and our employees. 


Last year, the Mayor created a new office to oversee the City Council instead of expanding the Inspector General's reach. The original budget of the new office was $60,000. Although many people questioned if a new office could operate effectively with such a small budget, this new office was passed by City Council. Now, this new office is asking for an increase $294,000 per year. 


With the fiscal crisis we are facing and the fact that we already have a well established, well staffed office of the Inspector General that oversees the rest of the City government, I am proposing that we look at the benefits and costs of having only one office that can oversee the City of Chicago government and the City Council.


I'm proud to be a charter member of the Paul Douglas Alliance, named after former Alderman and US Senator Paul Douglas for our admiration of his commitment to progressive ideals and his record of achievement on civil rights, environmental and consumer protection.  If you have any questions about this or other issues in City Council, as always, please contact my office or stop by on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings to chat.


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Ald. James Cappleman
46th Ward News


Visit With Your Alderman

This is a reminder that there are open office hours every Wednesday evening (5-7pm) and Saturday morning (9am-noon) for any constituent wishing to speak with Ald. Cappleman. No appointment is necessary.

Buena Bunnies Time Again!
When: Sunday, March 17 from 3pm - 5pm 
Where: Nick's Uptown at 4015 N. Sheridan Rd 
Have lots of fun making Easter baskets for the kids at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church. Items needed are ribbons, baskets, cellophane, paper grass, candy, and small toys. It's a lot of fun and it's for a great cause - I'll see you there. 

Midtown Medical Center Closing
Several months ago, a building manager came to my office to report suspicious activities coming out of the Midtown Medical Center at 4527 N. Sheridan. This situation was also brought up by neighbors at CAPS Beat 1914 meeting in January.  I filed a complaint against the physician with the State of Illinois, and followed up with State Sen. Heather Steans and State Rep. Greg Harris, who were able to bring in additional resources to address this. Afterwards, the DEA and IRS executed a search warrant. 
Individuals that were using this clinic have other options in the Uptown neighborhood including:
Uptown Community Health Center
4867 N. Broadway Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60640
Phone: 773.878.8098
Uptown Neighborhood Health Center
845 W. Wilson, Chicago, IL 60640
Phone: 312-744-1938

I want to thank all those who assisted with addressing this issue that helped lead to the involvement of the DEA. Without your assistance, this issue would have continued for a much longer time.

46th Ward State ID Day

Thursday, March 21 at the 46th Ward Office; 10:00 a.m. - 2:00p.m.

Services Provided at the Secretary of State Mobile Event:

-Renewal/ Correction of Drivers License

-New/ Renewal/ Correction of State ID

-License Plate Stickers

-Motor Voter Registration with Renewal of DL/ ID

-Organ Donor Registration with Renewal DL/ ID

-Seniors Age 65 and UP (No Charge for State ID)

-Seniors Age 75 and UP- Need to Visit DMV to renew driver's license


Proper identification will be needed for the above services. You can find a list of acceptable forms of identification here.

For more information on state ID day, contact Chris Jessup  in the 46th Ward Office at 773-878-4646.


Social Services Summit

In a call to bring social services together and coordinate their services, Ald. Cappleman held a meeting in his city hall office with a number of social service providers and other organizations that are members of the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness. Items discussed included coordination, chronic homelessness, and providing care for those in need and preventing the vulnerable from fall through the cracks. Ald. Cappleman is currently in discussion with a number of different CEO's of various social service providers and the City to explore ways to facilitate this process. 

Transition to Year-Round City Vehicle Sticker Sales 

City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza introduced legislation into City Council today to begin the first major overhaul of  City Vehicle Sticker sales in 100 years.

Clerk Mendoza said her office will be taking every opportunity to educate the public about the new Year-Round City Vehicle Sticker


Sales Program before drivers are put on their new expiration dates in 2014. The summer 2013 City Vehicle Sticker season will be the last time residents receive a June-to-June sticker renewal. Click here for more information.


Upcoming Events
You can also check out our community calendar by clicking here.  

A Series of Workshops at the Preston Bradley Center
Illustrated Poetry Workshop
When: March 15 from 6 - 8 pm 
Where: Preston Bradley Center, 941 W. Lawrence (4th Floor) 
Illustrated Poetry workshop will explore how writing that comes from a community can have its own shape, behavior, and movement. For more info, contact Trisha at

Sketch Club Workshop 
When: March 16 from 5 - 7 pm 
Where: Preston Bradley Center, 941 W. Lawrence (4th Floor) 
Cost: $6 
A mixture of professional artists and art enthusiasts will sketch one another and other situations. It will be a very relaxed and fun event for everyone.

Lakeview Pantry Can Drive
When: Entire month of March 
Where: Bottle & Bottega at 2900 N. Lincoln Avenue. 
The most requested items needed include 100% shelf-stable fruit juice, canned tuna, and tomato sauce.
For every donation, receive a card for $5 off your next public art party through June 30th.  

Become A U.S. Citizen
When: Saturday, March 23 from 9 - 11 am 
Where: Truman College, 1145 W. Wilson in cafeteria 
To be eligible for citizenship, you must be a legal permanent resident for at least 5 years (3 years if married to a U.S. citizen). For more information, call 312-949-9980.
This event is sponsored by the Indo American Center, Korean American Resource and Cultural Center, Muslim Women Resource Center, World Relief Chicago, and United African Organization. 

CAPS (Community Policing)
The CAPS Beat meetings are the best forum to address chronic public safety issues. Community members, businesses and organizations are encouraged to attend or have a representative attend this meeting. Ald. Cappleman or a representative from the ward office will be available to answer further questions.

Not sure where or when your police beat meeting is? You can find your police beat and CAPS meeting information here.


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