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Mid-Summer 2019

Expanding Teaching and Media Ministries


By God's grace, our ministries continue to expand. We are conducting more workshops, more sermons and teachings are available by video, and more of my books are being translated into Burmese and other local languages. We are already scheduled through March 2020 for Spirit-led Leadership workshops and have more invitations than we can accept. Through media, we are growing in our ability to reach students, pastors, scholars, and the population at large in a variety of ways.
Saying Yes to God is being translated and will be published in Urdu for distribution in Pakistan sometime early in 2020.
* As of July 16, The Spirit-Led Leader is now available in Hakha Chin.
* We are in the process of creating a revised (greatly improved) translation of The Spirit-Led Leader in Burmese for printing this September.
* I was invited to write articles for two major academic/professional journals in Myanmar
    1. Chin Christian Journal ("What Can You Do to Become a Better Leader"-published in July)
    2. Rays Journal published by MIT ("Connecting the Dots-Responsible Biblical Interpretation"-forthcoming in August or September)
* Unexpectedly, my personal Facebook page has turned out to be a great platform to share thoughts about God, serving Christ, relationships, and other important spiritual and leadership topics. When I began using Facebook, I never expected that the number of friends would grow to over 2660 people, most of whom are young adults or ministry partners from Myanmar. Friend me!
* As we indicated in our last e-newsletter, video recordings of most of my New Testament Theology lectures are now available on my new YouTube Channel.
* We are continually adding sermons, articles, lecture notes, and participant's guides in pdf, video, and/or audio formats under either the Resource Library or Teaching and Sermons tabs at (See below for more links.)

This summer, while I'm in the United States, we're raising funds for both our ministries in general and our special projects. Due to our expanding opportunities, our "wish list" for sponsorship is growing, too. Could you help us with one of the following?
* student leadership scholarships ($500-1000)
* workshop transportation, printing, and other expenses for leaders and participants ($2000/workshop outside of Yangon)
* transportation assistance for pastors who must travel long distances to attend a workshop ($1000-$1500/workshop)
* translating, publishing, and distributing one of Tim's books ($3500/book)

I feel very grateful and excited about all the doors God is opening for teaching, speaking, influencing, and publishing. We are reaching more Christian leaders in Myanmar and elsewhere than ever before. Please consider making a special contribution at this time or become a monthly donor to allow us to maintain and further develop our expanding ministry. Thank you.

In Christ's service,

Rev. Timothy C. Geoffrion, Ph.D., D.D.
President and Teaching Minister

P.S. I will be in the USA until August 29 before heading back to Myanmar. I would love to connect with you live, if possible. 
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