April 3, 2020


So much to be grateful for. I know, I know, everything seems so chaotic and frightening, but hear me out. I cannot help but feel the slowing down, the space in the day, and the clarity in the air. There is nothing about this situation that is "good", but there is something about it that feels hopeful. I am one of so many business owners who had to close their doors, but still need to pay bills. That said, I have been a yoga teacher for a long time. I have been down many dark, long, and scary roads in my life and yoga has continued to help me come out on the other side and back into the light. This is no exception.

The O2 community is one of the strongest, most loving, fiercely loyal, bad-ass groups I have ever had the pleasure to be part of. All of us have our own demons and struggles, but we can get by and through with a little help from our friends near and far. Elliott and I are constantly looking for ways to stay connected and help everyone keep practicing. Talk about old dogs and new tricks! Well, I am speaking for myself at least. Check out our special newsletter video greeting here and read more below on what we are up to. Our new yoga videos have been an incredible success, with additional ones coming out this week and livestream classes on Zoom starting next week. Keep an eye out for an expanded schedule once we see your thoughts on that in the survey described below.

Lastly, so many of you have reached out to tell us how important we are and also with a desire to help us through the next few months. Check out the special we are running with deep discounts that will pay forward to others who need more yoga in their life.
I can feel the power of our community growing stronger with every breath. That is what will get us through, one kind gesture, one kind word, one kind thought, with every breath. Let's be part of what is making this world just a little more filled with love and light. May all beings be free from suffering and find peace, happiness, and joy. And may we have the courage, the wisdom, the strength, and the willingness to reduce suffering when we see it. Be the change y'all.

Peace and tons of love,

Yoga-in-Place with O2 on Namastream and Zoom!

As we announced last week, with the help of our incredibly talented student and videographer, Brad Braufman, we now have classes recorded and available for purchase on our new platform, Namastream.com, with more coming soon. We plan on releasing at least 2 new videos each week, more audio classes, and fun content like posture tutorials.

If you would like, take a look, set up an account, maybe buy a class or two, and get going! This week's videos just dropped: a little Mimi and a little more of Elliott! Online memberships will be available soon. Of course, all current class cards and memberships are on hold until we can re-open our doors, but we will soon give you the option of using existing class cards towards our livestream classes.

Did someone say livestream? Mimi and Elliott did! We will be offering livestream O2 Yoga classes starting next week so stay tuned! Soon you will see other O2 teachers on the virtual schedule as well. Class schedules will be posted on our social media and newsletter in the next few days. However, here is a little inside information: the first classes will be offered on Tuesday, April 6th at 7 a.m. with Mimi, and 12 p.m. with Elliott. You are able to sign up now on MindBody. We are offering these first classes for free in order to work out the kinks (but you still need to sign up). Join us!

We recommend setting up a place in your home that is dedicated to this. Make it clean, warm, cozy, clutter-free, and conducive to shutting out the outside world, like the yoga space pictured above that O2 member Pauline has created near her meditation nook.
Community Support Sale: Keep O2 Thriving Along with the Community!

So many of you have asked, how can we help keep O2 Yoga alive and ready to open back up?

This comment, from one of our favorite students, really sums this up:

"I am missing the O2 Yoga community very much and I am concerned about the two of you. How can I help? Can I send money towards the rent? Can I purchase class cards similar to restaurants selling gift cards to keep the cash flow going? I hope I am not being too forward, but you are important to my well-being and have made a significant positive impact in my life and I want to help if you need it."

I can honestly say, that it has been hard for me to consider. Yes, we need all the help we can get but how? Well, here is what I came up with: A sale on class cards and a membership that will also benefit the beautiful community in which we are so lucky to be part of.

For every special class card or membership you buy online , we will match it with another, of equal value. The matching cards and memberships will go into a bank, so to speak, that we will donate. Each month, we will chose a group to give the gift of yoga, such as first responders, restaurant workers, librarians, sanitation workers, musicians... well, the list goes on. Once we choose the group, you all will send us your nominations for the folks you think need and want a gift of yoga. Be a Warrior! Be a Hero!

 Here are the options that we will match:

Warrior 1: 5-Class Card $50*

Warrior 2: 10-Class Card $95*

Warrior 3: 20-Class Card $175*

Hero: 3-month membership $250 (This will be waiting for you when we re-open!)

(*Fine print: The class cards can be used for our upcoming virtual classes or saved for in-studio classes.)
Yoga-in-Place Survey

As we expand our virtual offerings and gear up to hold yoga classes over Zoom, we want to hear from you about the what times you would want to practice with us over Zoom, and what levels/lengths of classes you want to see on Namastream and Zoom. Please participate in our short survey today. Thank you!

Thanks for Sharing Your Yoga from Home/Yoga-in-Place Stories

We have been heartened by all of your emails and messages over social media.

Here are a note and pictures from long-time O2 community member Alison: "Miss you, O2! My home space for work and yoga!"

We also heard from some of you looking for feedback on your practice. Here is a picture from Bridget, taken as she tried to discern Elliott's instructions on one of the MP3 classes. She entitled the picture "bad yoga". While we know that all yoga is good yoga, messages like this made us laugh.

Even While We Are Apart, We Are Here for You!

Please let us know if you have any feedback and questions by emailing us and connecting with us on social media (links at the bottom of this message).

Check out our special coronavirus/COVID-19 page for studio updates and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website (CDC) for detailed information on COVID-19.

 O2 Yoga provides students a place to grow in their practice, to be challenged, to work towards goals, and to be part of a community. Our Astanga-inspired, athletic, vinyasa classes all build on a theme — every month, a specific focus inspires our teachers' unique sequences — which gives students the chance to learn more about a posture or major tenet of the practice. Every teacher at our studio has gone through Mimi’s 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program , so the O2 style shines through in every class. Can't get enough O2? Visit o2yoga.com for more information on the studio, and always feel free to email us with questions at info@o2yoga.com .
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