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DeBary Park & Ride Lot Expanded
On Tuesday, July 11, we celebrated the expansion of the DeBary Park & Ride Lot in Volusia County. Located at the DeBary SunRail station, the lot now has almost 500 parking spaces available for commuters to connect to transit and rideshare.

City of DeBary Mayor Bob Garcia, FDOT Director of Operations Alan Hyman, and SunRail Executive Director Nicola Liquori spoke at the event before an audience of more than 50 attendees. It was a hot morning, but spirits were high as the conversation was all about the opportunities ahead for the area.

FDOT offers several Park & Ride lots throughout Central Florida. The lots are great places to meet your carpool or vanpool group to share the ride to work. 

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Employer Spotlight
Last month, we announced that PlanSource won the distinction of "Top Employer" for the May 2017 Go DTO: Downtown Orlando Commute Challenge. 

Last week, the Downtown Orlando Partnership joined us to present their award. At the event, we heard directly from their CFO, Mike Cooper, on why they encourage transit ridership.

"It's about retaining really great employees," Mike says. "It's actually more profitable to the company to do so." PlanSource gives their employees the choice between a parking pass or paying for a transit pass. Why does this make business sense? The transit pass is cheaper than the parking pass - and shows that the company supports their employees rethinking their commute.

Congratulations to PlanSource!   
PlanSource CFO Mike Cooper
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Commuter Spotlight
Before 2014, Jeff was a committed Link 200 Express bus rider. “The efficiency of the express bus got me hooked,” says Jeff. “My wife and I talked it over and made the decision that we really did not need two cars.” Since then, they’ve been a one-car family and are a great example of “making it work.”

When  SunRail started, we knew Jeff was going to be on board. “The train trip gives me 45 extra minutes each way that I don’t have while driving,” says Jeff. But being a committed transit rider has required him to plan ahead and get creative. “I have learned to use my train time for my needs. Sometimes that is socializing with new friends. Other times, it is a quick nap. I even have meetings on the train.”

Love your commute? Share your story with us.
Jeff Commutes
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Bicycle Benefits
Want to offer a Bicycle Benefit?
We've partnered up with the national Bicycle Benefits program to encourage Central Florida residents to bike more often and to more places.

We are looking for local businesses to offer discounts to customers who arrive on bike and present their "Bicycle Benefits" helmet sticker.

As an added incentive to business owners, we will provide free Bicycle Benefit helmet stickers for you to distribute to your family and friends. You will receive a "We Offer Bicycle Benefits" decal to display at your storefront to notify customers that you are part of the network. Plus, we'll list your business on the national website and spread the word on social media.

Do you own a business that would like to encourage more bike traffic? Sign up here.