Volume 22 | June 4, 2019
We Make People and Companies Happier by Bringing Them Together
I've seen a pattern in our business that has me believing that there are more ways for us to make people and companies happier by bringing them together than just direct hire recruiting.

For candidates who are feeling unprepared as they want to make a move, we're offering candidate coaching . This can include a session to help you think things through and figure it all out, resume writing, LinkedIn profile creation & development, interviewing improvement or a combination of them all, we can customize a solution to help you. This includes helping graduating students or those less experienced workers who feel "stuck."

For hiring companies , we can support you in smaller ways that can make a big difference in your hiring process. Job description creation & development, search management, and candidate research & sourcing are all a part of what we can do for you. The secret is, we've done all of this for businesses before, but haven't blurted it out loud...until now.

Our final service addition is helping you buy a business. It's not as out of place as one might think. We're doing this because of the number of people we've talked with who are going through significant changes in their careers and their industries. For some, the path of business ownership and taking control of their life becomes clear. We'll work with you to identify a franchise purchasing opportunity that can change your life.

All of these are listed on our site and I'm happy to get a conversation going with you!
We also added a testimonials page to the site. We thought it would be important to share what others have to say.

In this issue:
  • Marti thought it would be career suicide
  • Amazing people are in Matt's backyard
  • Kate and her cat help others
Proust Pop Quiz

Marti Bledsoe Post  is the founder and CEO of  a' parent ly , a consulting firm focused on helping working mothers--and their employers. Marti founded the company because we find ourselves in a time when companies must compete for talent, women leaders are still outnumbered at the top, and the  demands on families are greater than ever. 

We had lunch longer ago than it seems when we talked about Columbus and careers. Now, after seeing, hearing and feeling the excitement behind a' parent ly, I'm happy to share Marti's story.

"I want to start a  conversation about working motherhood  in the professional environment," Marti said. "The pain of balancing work and family has always been considered a personal challenge. It's time we realize it's a business challenge, and the best employers will be the ones who help solve it so more women can rise to leadership roles."

Marti's work with a' parent ly focuses on 1:1 coaching, workshops and corporate programs designed to engage, retain and advance working mothers in their chosen career paths. She helps clients identify the most pressing needs of their working moms at all levels, and then puts policy and culture changes in place to address them. 

"I first got into this work when someone invited me to give a 'tell-all' talk about being a working mother. I was sure it would be career suicide. But the talk lit a spark in my audience, and in me, to tell the truth about what modern career and parenting demands are costing us," she said. 

Marti continues to coach executives and lead training programs for Columbus-based  Mindset Digital , a firm she joined in 2018 as the pivot from a career in marketing strategy to a coaching and training role. She teaches the Social Selling Habit and SOS methodologies, as well as traveling the country to deliver keynote talks and workshops.

When and where were you happiest?
Standing at the front of a workshop session, realizing I've found my life's work and it honors both my ambition and my children,  9-year-old Marisen and 5-year-old Carson .

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Building and keeping my village. I am surrounded by the most amazing network of friends, family members, mentors and allies. Their cheers have kept me going when I wanted to give up, and they've helped me balance all I'm trying to do.

What is your current state of mind?
I'm in a state of heightened focus this year. Starting my own business requires deeper awareness and prioritization than I have ever been asked to give. And it requires courage, which I find by focusing tightly on the things that matter, and letting go of the rest.
Friends in the Biz
I love to hear about all of the good things going on with the unique people who are a part of my life. New roles, great ideas, accomplishments and whatever else that gives me a kick are celebrated and shared here. 

Matt Vojacek is a guy who hits the ground running. I met him when he had been back in Columbus not too long after living and working in Los Angeles. He and I shared the commonality of having lived in LA. After meeting him, what I thought was so genuinely fun was his love for Columbus and the Midwest. Again, a commonality. He's been a boost to Columbus and the creative industry in several outstanding ways.

The first thing to mention is Zwelly , a creative production company that specializes in motion design for small to large companies.

"Animation has had me excited since I was a kid, but I also love learning about the things people are passionate about, learning about troubles in their marketing and then working on a creative solution to that problem," he said. "I know everyone is a storyteller these days, but visually crafting a story that really speaks to people and helps solve a problem at the same time is some of the most rewarding work that I do."

Then there's Making Midwest , a creative conference that gathers some of the best creative pros in the Midwest and gives them a stage to help other creative pros. Matt's the Founder and Director of this annual conference. It's big; it's popular; and it's somehow a side hustle that he pulls off to the delight of many every year.

"For Making Midwest, I honestly have lots of inspiration, but I think it's a vision that I have for the creative industry here in Columbus and the rest of the Midwest. Often, people think they have to run to the coasts to surround themselves with other creatives. I want them to know about the amazing people in their backyard," he shared. Again, a commonality. The purpose of my newsletter is to share the stories about all of these wonderful people in our community.

So where does Making Midwest go from here after over four years? "I honestly don't think about that very much. It's really just about progressing, listening and tinkering with how we can best make the vision come true. Maybe it becomes a traveling event. Maybe we offer more events throughout the year. Maybe it completely changes, haha. I just hope it becomes something useful for everyone."

There's another aspect to his creativity and that's helping others be creative. He's the Creator of The Game of Creativity , a card game that helps you get around those creative blocks. "Really," he said, "I want people to know that creativity isn't some super power that only some people have. The formula to be creative is easy, what's not is overcoming the fear of thinking of 'weird" things. I made The Game of Creativity to help people build that creative confidence and to help come up with ideas when you're feeling blocked."

I had to know how he goes about prioritizing his activities. How does he get it all done? "Haha, I write a lot. Usually, I make my to-do list the night before and try my hardest to not let anything distract me from completing those things. All non-critical phone call/meetings or new ideas must wait 24 hours."

Kate Peake loves to work and could support your team or business. She works with businesses to support their content management, SEO, media editing, Google Analytics and more. Go to her site, katepeake.com to see more and contact her. Kate cites a family of hard workers for instilling her sense of commitment to a job well done. "I was fourteen years old and the first real job was in a place where meaningful relationships were a big part of the environment. That is something I hold in high regard for my work," she said.

I love to hear about side hustles and stories about people going above and beyond the ordinary. Kate started a business eight years ago making jewelry and in the last three years, it has evolved into a mission to upcycle and recycle materials to make wearable art. "The materials I use range from antique and vintage jewelry (from my love of travel) to repurposed thread, glass, and more. I love creating unique experiences for my buyers which also ties into my previous comments about building meaningful relationships."

Talking with Kate, it becomes clear that she loves to work and has a passion for creating anything, whether that's projects, programs, operations or helping others in unique ways. She gives her time as a volunteer therapy animal handler. "My cat and I visit hospitals, hospices and schools offering animal-assisted therapy intervention. I didn't know it was missing in my life until I became certified."
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