Expect Fileless Courtrooms in Kane County
Civil and Domestic Courts Are Fileless
The Kane County Civil and Domestic/Family courts will be going fileless beginning Jan 10th - except Courtroom 120 at the Old Courthouse which will have files for years 2017 and older. Courtroom 120 will go fileless in the near future .  The Circuit Clerk's Office is no longer bringing physical files to the court locations. Judges are working from the case management system to view all cases. 

In order for you to view your files you will want to bring your wireless devices to court  so that you can access your files. Access is also available in the rotunda at the Courthouse utilizing the e-filing personal computer, and at the law library in the Judicial Center. 
Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs) Ready To Help You eFile.
Several e-filing service providers have obtained approval from the Illinois Courts to provide eFileIL civil case filing services and the list may continue to grow. Click Here to explore the possibilities , and use any approved EFSP you prefer!