UC Davis leads the way in veterinary medicine thanks to the partnership of donors large and small. A new state-of-the-art Veterinary Medical Center will set the stage for completing our 21st-century vision of veterinary care. Read more
Join with us as we achieve far-reaching impact in veterinary care—patient by patient, and on a global scale. Together, we will transform the future of veterinary medicine and set an even greater standard of excellence in innovation, healing and discovery. Learn more
The Wildlife Disaster Network is a new partnership between the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. It aims to quickly and efficiently mobilize the people and resources needed to aid wildlife affected by wildfire and other disasters.
The perimeters of the Amazon and Congo Basin forests are highly vulnerable to new and emerging infectious diseases. The new EpiCenter for Emerging Infectious Disease Intelligence will focus on these regions to advance understanding of how viruses emerge and spill over from wildlife to humans.
The UC Davis Veterinary Emergency Response Team responded to the LNU Complex fire by working at emergency animal shelters that needed help, aiding animal control officers on search and rescue missions, and checking on animals remaining at homes and farms after their owners evacuated.
Vaccine Now Available for Cattle Producers to Fight Foothill Abortion
The announcement of conditional licensure signifies big news for range cattle management in the west. Utilized to prevent fetal loss in first-calf heifers from the bacteria Pajaroellobacter abortibovis, the vaccine will now be available through local livestock veterinarians. Read more
Something to Meow About
A hospital stay can be stressful for any animal, but particularly for cats who may not be familiar with leaving home. To help minimize their anxiety, and provide a more efficient treatment area, the UC Davis veterinary hospital created a new, all-inclusive feline suite combining a hospitalization ward with examination and treatment space. Read more
Dog Continues to Lead Full Life After Leg Amputation Due to Cancer
Kita began limping on her front right leg in November 2019. Shortly thereafter, she refused to walk at all. Her primary veterinarian diagnosed her with osteosarcoma in the leg. Following a leg amputation, Kita was referred to the UC Davis veterinary hospital for further recommendations on treating metastasis of the tumor. Read more
Celebrating the Diversity of Our Alumni
We recently launched a new Instagram series celebrating our alumni's diversity in backgrounds and experiences. Visit our Instagram to read their stories.
The collective experience of UC Davis experts is helping us tackle the COVID-19 pandemic at all levels, from the field and the laboratory to the hospital bed and beyond. In the Deans Discuss: COVID-19 video podcast, hosts Allison Brashear, dean of the School of Medicine, and Michael D. Lairmore, dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, examine the collaboration taking place across UC Davis and consider the pathways to progress that lie ahead. Listen and subscribe.
Scholarships Make Dreams Come True
In her first career, Anne counseled students on how to achieve their career dreams. But she realized that she wasn’t following her own advice. “I had a lot of fear about going into veterinary school to pursue my lifelong goal,” said Anne, who was an ‘older’ student with the challenges of a medical condition, as well as being a parent. “But the encouragement from my husband and the financial support from the school have helped me realize that dream.” Read more
Building a Stronger, More Diverse Community
One of the five major goals of the school’s updated Strategic Plan is to “promote a vibrant and diverse community of faculty, staff and students to advance the school’s mission in an engaged and respectful community.” So, when the Black Lives Matter movement took hold this spring, the mission of the Community Council already being formed took on a fresh urgency to build upon the initiatives already in place. Read more
An Evening of Gratitude
The school honored our generous donors and exceptional students during a virtual event on October 8. Students received $6.5 million in total support through scholarships and return to aid, thanks to the generosity of individual, association and corporate donors. Read more
Philanthropy at Work
Adrienne Herman’s love for all animals inspired her gift to to support a major project of the new Veterinary Medical Center - the All Species Imaging Center - that will provide cutting-edge care for animals from parakeets to Thoroughbreds. Read more
Detecting natural cancer biomarkers in a blood sample is challenging due to the small amount of cancer DNA circulating in the bloodstream. The investigational drug in this trial, EARLI-001, is designed to make cancer cells produce synthetic biomarkers which may be more easily detected in a sample. This could lead to earlier and more effective cancer treatment. For this study, we are recruiting dogs with confirmed locally advanced or metastatic cancer who have not undergone treatment within the past 30 days. Learn more about this and other groundbreaking clinical trials