It has been a very dry spring and we hope you have enjoyed it; but don't be surprised when you get your water bill as all good has a dark side. To date, we have had a 60% greater irrigation need than the 5 year average and 35% greater than during the same period last year. To compound this, most utilities increased rates 5-15% over the last year so your bill could be nearly double than what you have budgeted for if you use your historical expense as a guide.
We take the management of your irrigation serious and see it as one of the most important responsibilities we have. Water conservation is critical and the good news is that there is improving technology to help.  Weather Based Irrigation , drip irrigation, and improved sprinkler technology are all vital to improving water conservation. We are also promoting to change some landscape elements to reduce water as well. All require an investment but also have great ROI. As a part of our 2019 budgeting, you will receive suggestions on what your project needs to reduce your water usage. 
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