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Join the study that gets to the heart of the matter!
The Preeclampsia Foundation and Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital are actively recruiting applicants to their online research study, Heart Health 4 Moms (HH4M). The study is open to women who have had preeclampsia in the last year. Other eligibility criteria also apply.

Heart Health 4 Moms focuses on healthy behaviors in new mothers with recent preeclampsia to improve their long-term health.  Eligible applicants must live in a U.S. state or territory and have access to an internet-enabled smartphone or tablet. Up to $250 stipend will be provided.

According to the American Heart Association, preeclampsia doubles the risk of heart disease and stroke, and quadruples the risk of high blood pressure later in life. However, preeclampsia doesn't necessarily lead to the development of cardiovascular problems. The HH4M study is designed to support new mothers with recent preeclampsia with heart-healthy education, tools, and information to reduce their risk.

You can confirm your eligibility by completing a short survey at (English) or (Spanish). Go to "Click here to join HH4M today."
Staff members help author HELLP Syndrome book
A new clinical resource for practitioners of obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine is now available, with a chapter authored by the Foundation's own Executive Director Eleni Tsigas and Director of Community Relations Laney Poye. Their chapter focuses on the Patient Perspective.

The book, entitled "The 2015 Compendium for HELLP Syndrome," was edited by James N. Martin, Jr., MD, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Winfred L. Wiser Hospital for Women and Infants, The University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS. Dr. Martin also serves as a member on the Foundation's Medical Advisory Board.

Drawing on the expertise of 37 contributors from 15 institutions and four countries, this book summarizes the state of the science and practice for patients with HELLP syndrome. On a global basis, what we call HELLP syndrome accounts for hundreds to thousands of maternal deaths and is responsible for many more thousands of patients that suffer "near misses".
 Six states now using our patient education materials
One hundred and thirty healthcare providers were energized about the new FL HIP Initiative. The day's training included a moving personal account of preeclampsia from the patient perspective, and a thought-provoking and educational presentation by the Foundation's Eleni Tsigas on the importance of taking the patient's perspective into account before, during, and after birth. Participating HIP initiative hospital teams really took home the message that the patient perspective should be considered, noting that educating patients accurately and consistently needs to be better emphasized in their practice.
Earlier this month we participated in the launch of the State of Florida's Hypertension in Pregnancy (HIP) toolkit initiative through the Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative (FPQC).

We're extremely proud to serve on this initiative and work with great healthcare providers to ensure that patient education -- and the patient and their families -- are at the center of these care improvements!

This Hypertension in Pregnancy toolkit emphasizes these key points to providers:
  • Recognize the disorder
  • Treat the blood pressure
  • Use magnesium sulfate as indicated
  • Arrange for appropriate follow up
Learn more about the FPQC HIP toolkit
Support the Foundation through this year's CFC!
If you are a federal employee, please give to the Preeclampsia Foundation during the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) season that runs through December 15. 

Use CFC #99819 to designate your contribution to the Preeclampsia Foundation.

Thank you for your support!