Expedited Call for Comments
Deadline: 2pm EST Wednesday, November 25
Per ISPE's 1.7.5 Expedited Policy Process (see Policy Manual here), the ISPE Executive Committee has authorized the expedited policy review of comments prepared by ISPE's RWE Task Force - Device subgroup in response to a consultation request issued by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) Medical Devices Clinical Evaluation Working Group on Post-Market Clinical Follow-Up (PMCF) Studies.

The deadline for member comments to the Device subgroup response is 2:00 pm US Eastern time on Wednesday, November 25th. The comment period cannot be extended. Upon completing the review period, the authors will be provided submitted comments and, if required, prepare an updated paper for Board endorsement. The final paper will be posted to the ISPE website and shared with members.
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