November 6, 2019
Change, Growth and Failure         
It is interesting to me how differently humans judge themselves compared to the models we see in nature.
Especially as we move through the change in seasons, the cycle of life we see as perfectly acceptable for a tree is to lose its leaves and spend a season barren before returning to a new cycle of growth.  Bears are allowed to take time off and hibernate.  When something dies, it becomes a part of the soil of new life.   
Humans view change suspiciously and if we lose something we readily label the experience a failure.  We need to be constantly productive without real seasons of productive inactivity.  If we try and it doesn't work out, we spend little time celebrating the  trying, honoring the growth and learning and instead, dwell on the idea we failed.  I wonder why this is?  And I wonder what might happen if we viewed life more like nature?   
 Change and growth are ongoing.   Sometimes it looks like letting go and sometimes it looks like inactivity and sometimes it looks like moving in new directions.  We could celebrate each season as wholeness and holy.  We could love ourselves and the ways we grow and the ways we support one another.  We could remove the idea of failure from our vocabulary and accept that sometimes we learn as much from what doesn't work as from what does work.   
Be like a tree: Accept change, let go with grace, rest and begin anew.  Honor whatever season appears in your life in this moment with gratitude.
  Reverend Joy 

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We are grateful for the amazing energy and message from Charley Thweatt!  We are blessed and encouraged.

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