August 2015 - Vol. 10, Issue 8
Prepare Now And Avoid Questions This Fall!

As summer comes to a close, are you prepared for the upcoming season?

On Wednesday, August 26  at 1:00pm ET , Demosphere will present its 77th Maximize Demosphere Webinar:  Summertime Checklist

Join us as we discuss the last minute items every organization should review to get themselves ready for the fall season.

The session will discuss:
  • Preparing Key Website Information
  • Coordinating Volunteer Information
  • How To Best Keep Parents Informed
  • ...And More!
Sign up today to reserve your spot in the webinar! We look forward to chatting with you on August 26th for Maximize Demosphere!
Likes, Shares, Retweets: What Does It Mean For You?

Did you miss our last Maximize Demosphere, 
Social Media Management?

Social media networks continue to become increasingly popular in today's culture.  Your organization can only benefit by effectively incorporating these channels into your promotional strategy! 

This recent Maximize Demosphere session covers how to take full advantage of this valuable communication channel!

A recording of the session can be found on Demosphere's website along with slides to help you manage your organization's social media with ease.
Demosphere On-The-Go

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The Demosphere Network - New Website Launches

Congratulations to the newest members of the Demosphere Network!

C heck out these great new sites:

Is your site a good reflection of your organization?

Update your website today  and be ready before Labor Day!

Ban On Headers Gains Famous Support


As football continues to take the heat for its high rate of head injuries, little attention has been drawn to the second highest concussion sport - girls' soccer.


World Cup soccer star, Brandi Chastain, is stepping in to support a new rule change requiring that no headers be allowed for players under 14 years old.


The Demosphere Blog talks the negatives and benefits of headers in youth soccer!

Guide To Facebook Star Ratings


Many organizations aren't aware of the display options available to them when it comes to Facebook reviews.


Learn everything you need to know about Facebook reviews and star ratings with Demosphere's latest video tutorial on the Demosphere Blog!

Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Mouthguards


Many sports parents fall under the assumption that sports like football, lacrosse, and hockey suffer the highest number of mouth injuries each year.


In reality, studies show that soccer players are far more likely to sustain dental-related injuries than football players.


Get the facts regarding dental safety on the Demosphere Blog.

It's Time To Take Back Your Privacy!


Youth sports organizations have a responsibility to protect the personal sensitive data of their members, especially children.


How much do you really know about how your registration provider is using your data?


Get the facts behind registration privacy policies on the Demosphere Blog.

Two RosterPro® Links All Admins Must Share

When it comes to registration, there are two important links that need to be shared with all members utilizing the RosterPro┬« Registration System.

Is your organization sharing both?

Check the Demosphere Blog and avoid confusion of Login vs. Registration!

Register Your Local Business With Google

Is your organization properly registered with Google?

If not, you could be missing out on a free opportunity that can increase your online ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) and Google Maps.

Watch Demosphere's tutorial on how to get your organization set up with Google posted now on the Demosphere Blog!

Does Warm Up Music Really Motivate?

Warming up before physical activity is crucial in preparing the body for exercise. 

Does listening to music during that warm up period help mentally prepare athletes to perform?

Read about the motivational effects of music on the Demosphere Blog!

Demosphere Blog Updates

Check out the newest features and enhancements to Demosphere products, as well as best practices to follow at the  Demosphere Blog !
Create Your Own Custom Branded Club Merchandise!

Want to fundraise and increase brand recognition at the same time?

Consider setting up a shop with MyLocker!

Demosphere has partnered with MyLocker to offer organizations the ability to create custom-branded merchandise and earn a percentage back on all sales.

Upload your logo and get underway in  just a few clicks today!

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