November 2023

Experience the Power of Effective Labelling in Healthcare
BIXOLON’s Auto-ID printing solutions enable healthcare professionals to generate accurate and clear labels for patient wristbands, prescribed medicines, and specimens. Accuracy across healthcare facilities helps avoid the risks associated with misidentification in areas such as:
Patient Identification 
Revolutionize patient care with BIXOLON’s reliable wristband printing technology, designed to remove human errors in patient identification across various points of care. Accurately confirm patient data, including identity, dietary, or drug requirements, ensuring precision in healthcare services. 
Medication Administration
Ensure the precise identification of prescriptive medicines, significantly reducing illnesses and deaths stemming from medication non-compliance or allergies. BIXOLON’s cutting-edge label printers enhance patient safety by accurately and efficiently printing critical information. 
Mobile Specimen Collection 
BIXOLON’s mobile label printers are designed to prevent errors by identifying patient specimens and laboratory testing samples on the site of collection. Streamline testing processes by eliminating unnecessary walk between patient and printing station while increasing accuracy.
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What's New on the BIXOLON's Blog
BIXOLON’s RFID printers enhance time-sensitive healthcare deliveries that require precise temperature control by offering real-time tracking, ensuring medical professionals can monitor the shipment's progress at every stage. Click here to read more. 
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