Issue 1 - July 30, 2017
The Key to Self-Transformation
As I have always told you, take these three steps: I to we to He. This is transformation. If you want to progress from man to God, the right method is to proceed from man to society and from society to God. It is not possible either by penance, by going to holy places, by reading scriptures, nor by chanting the name, to cross over the ocean of samsara (the endless cycle of birth and death) without serving people. It is not possible. Therefore, from individual to society to God – this is the right, royal way.

From the ground floor to the first floor to the second floor. That is how you progress from ‘I to we’ and the ‘we to He’. On the one side, you must have love for God and, on the other side, you should have service for humanity. These two together will take you like the two wings takes the bird: it can fly to any height. 

Sai Baba Subtle Form, Malaysia, August 11, 201 6
Personal Transformation Experience
To reflect and see where I am now is a story of transformation in progress.

No one would have ever dared to dream, including myself, that I would be here part of this most beautiful mission of our Lord unfolding in front of our eyes.  To have our most compassionate Sai Maa pick me out of the deepest jungles of Maya and bless me to be part of His mission is so overwhelming.   How do you repay this abundance of grace and bountiful of blessings...I vowed and prayed to try, with tireless efforts, and yet fully knowing the debt is immeasurable.

Immediately after Swami's visit during New Years 2014-15 a group of youth looked into what services we could provide our community. With Swami's guidance we reached out to the Toogoolawa school and started a healthy awareness and dental services program for the students. This is a school for students removed from the mainstream education system.

Swami has blessed us to set up "Health in Kind", a non-profit company dedicating our time and effort to provide health and well being services for the children and families in our community.

Being totally committed and immersed in these service projects has opened my eyes and highlighted to me that this is my life. There is nothing else. This body has been given to serve and love others. To see the youth strive to help others and seeing their transformation in front of me is so inspirational, and drives me to do more.