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In this newsletter find out how team facilitators are experiencing the unexpected value of equipping calls, get the latest news on our Battle materials and discover new opportunities available to you.
One thing that differentiates Wellspring Group’s (WG) Battle for the Heart process from most other retreat ministries and Bible study groups is the amount of time we ask our team facilitators to commit to training after the retreat.  

When a team begins the follow through process each team’s leader is added to a bi-weekly facilitator equipping call led by one of WG’s coaches. By the time a team completes the Battle process each facilitator will have had the opportunity to participate in 17 calls.  

On these calls facilitators join with 3-4 others to practice the skills they’ll be using in upcoming team meetings. Real-life examples are the backdrop for learning things such as how to write and respond to a State of the Heart report, using the 3-point response to cover vulnerability, incorporating engaging techniques in team meetings and practical ways to help team members who are struggling.  

However, what facilitators gain goes beyond practical skills. These calls provide an atmosphere of connection, support and safety that surprises most participants while allowing God to reveal more of the man or woman he created them to be.
Approaching the end of the battle process with her team, first-time participant Sharon Van Rossum of Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, GA writes:

“Being on the call with a few "strangers" (who quickly became sisters) gave me great practice in listening and engaging outside the confines (and comfort) of my battle team. It was amazing how deep we could go in less than an hour. God used these women to echo His voice of validation and to encourage me to continue engaging, to continue doing the hard work of being vulnerable, and to trust Him with the outcome in the lives of the women on my team. By practicing skills together, I was equipped to step out in courage in my domain and engage friends, family and coworkers with greater confidence. I experienced a dynamic of "show up, jump in, be amazed" through being on the calls and have seen how that can happen in really any conversation.”
Many have admitted feeling intimidated and a little fearful, not knowing what to expect coming into the calls.  That was certainly the case for Jill Walker of Cornerstone Bible, but that didn’t last long.

 “After the first call, I was hooked. These calls were real and valuable and they gave me tangible skills to take back and share with my team.  This group of apparent strangers very quickly became trusted friends who allowed for vulnerability, failure, doubt, celebrated success, dialogue practice, and problem solving.  A gamut of emotions was allowed, acceptable, and even encouraged during each call.  The element of kinship and unconditional love arose quickly in our group which created a sense of safety.”   Read More About Jill's Experience In Our Latest Blog
As a facilitator coach with one of our partner churches, Oak Mountain Presbyterian in Birmingham AL, Jim Doggett has been surprised at how quickly the men in his groups have bonded. He adds, “Since most of us struggle with confidence that we have what it takes to lead our groups well, it is immediately refreshing and life giving to hear that we are not alone. Our coaching times have moved us from ‘I don’t have what it takes' to ‘I can love these men well.’ "    

What beautiful examples of how change occurs as we live whole-heartedly with others! This “behind-the-scenes” community is a huge element of the fellowship that protects and propels our participants into their unique parts of God’s larger story. Have you thought about gathering a group and facilitating them through the battle process? We would love to answer any questions you have and tell you more about the benefits of the facilitator community. Feel free to contact Anisa or Dana. Also, check out our new alumni resources online .
Two retreats and 32 weeks of Team Equipping follow through materials (TE) make up the Battle for the Heart (BYH) process. Though each Battle prep in the 32 weeks of TE is rich in content, past battle participants with the desire to invite and lead others into the BYH found it difficult to complete all the material in the intended year timeframe. As a result, multiplication of seeing men and women enter into the BYH was hindered and often delayed 6 months to a year.

Wellspring heard the cry of our alumni for a slightly shorter process and in early 2017 brought David Lively on board to assist in shortening the material by 6 weeks. The shortened 26 week TE is set to roll out at the retreats taking place this fall. Seeing this project through to completion has been rewarding for David in many ways,
“As I have been working on this project, I have spent even more time in this really great material and it’s continuing to change me. I am realizing more and more the opportunity and influence I have on the domain of my four kids that will impact the rest of their lives. The Battle process has reframed, equipped and enabled me and my wife to discipline our kids in light of their unique whole hearts. Being a part of allowing more people to experience the Battle process that has been redemptive and transformative in my own life has brought me a lot of joy!”
This fall marks the 3rd iteration of the Battle for your Marriage (BYM) track. WG’s curriculum designer, Karen Crowe has been a part of making additions and building the track with each iteration. With the work done in 2017, the final piece of the BYM is complete. Participants will now be able to take part in 2 retreats and both Module 1 & 2 of the BYM follow through materials. This addition of Module 2 marks the completion and celebration of a fully functional BYM track without missing parts!
As part of the celebration, we’ve asked Karen to look back and savor what God has done:

  • God orchestrated the timing of creating these materials. We faced many delays and challenges over the past four years that left me doubting whether I would get to see this project through to completion. But now that I look back over the whole timeline, I can really see how He intended the creation process to take longer than I thought it would. There were things He wanted to accomplish that would not have been possible if we had finished all this on my original schedule.

  • God has redeemed my personal challenges. We prayed, back in 2014 and 2015, that He would redeem the personal challenges we were all facing.  And as I’ve been writing and refining our teaching notes and these guidebooks, I’ve seen how the ways He wanted us to grow personally were also things He wanted us to weave into our marriage track. There was a very natural and fresh outpouring of His wisdom to us – certainly for our benefit, but also for the benefit of others. I see the Larger Story in that.

  • God has brought more personal awareness. As I have interacted with the BYM material on a whole heart level throughout its development, I found myself more aware of the personal battle I face. I cannot battle what I don’t know is there. God has been opening my eyes to how my Pose not only hurts my husband, Andy, and how we relate to one another – but also how the fear and pride of my Pose keeps us from playing the part that our union has been given in the Larger Story. Seeing where I’ve been relying on self-effort (my Pose strategies and energy) rather than Christ’s love and grace is painful but it has been the first step toward new freedom in my marriage.    
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