Reinventing Banking is a podcast brought to you by Bank Director and FinXTech that gets past the technology hype to explore the challenges and opportunities facing financial institutions. During the podcast, you will hear from industry leaders as we ask the hard questions to help strategic leaders use technology to chart their path forward. 


Experimenting with Fintech Venture Funds

Carey Ransom, managing director of BankTech Ventures, joins Bank Director’s Kiah Lau Haslett to talk about the progress of the $115 million venture capital fund’s investments and how fintech valuations have changed since the fund opened.

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Carey Ransom is the managing director of BankTech Ventures, a $115M Seed / Series A strategic investment fund focused on compelling technologies for community banks, comprised of over 100 bank LPs, and founded and led by leaders in the community bank & fintech ecosystem. He is a technology entrepreneur and investor, and has started, grown and / or led 8 B2B and consumer tech companies. In 2019 he founded Operate, a SoCal venture studio and fund, where he and his team invest themselves into founders of exciting data-centric SaaS and fintech startups – so far with 30 companies. 


2023 Technology Survey: Get in the Game

Bank Director’s 2023 Technology Survey examines the competitive landscape, bank leaders’ experiences with emerging technology and obstacles to adoption, and budgets and staffing.

How Fifth Third Crafts Successful Bank-Fintech Partnerships

Fifth Third Bancorp has about a dozen partnerships with fintechs at any given time, and the bank has a few rules that help it avoid missteps in choosing which ones to pursue.

Should You Invest in a Venture Fund?

Is this opportunity right for your community bank?

Community Banks Enter the Venture Jungle

2022 will be an important year for new fintech funds and their community bank investors

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