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January 13, 2022
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia:
Importance of in-school learning outweighs risks of COVID
"We have to rethink like, 'What are we doing here?' We're chasing milder disease," said Dr. David Rubin. 
Kids in school
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is weighing in on the importance of children remaining in school instead of virtual learning despite a surge of COVID cases in the area.
Officials with CHOP have also adjusted its recommendations on testing for students and staff as new research is being released concerning the omicron variant.

The findings from CHOP medical experts provide more support for keeping schools open as much as possible for in-person instruction.
The consensus is that preserving as much in-person instruction for kids outweighs the risks of COVID infection at this stage of the pandemic.
"We have to rethink like, 'What are we doing here?' We're chasing milder disease," said Dr. David Rubin, executive director of PolicyLab at CHOP.
As hundreds of people flocked to locations across the region to be tested for COVID-19, a statement from PolicyLab and the leadership at CHOP is that while the omicron variant is spreading rapidly, we are fortunate that it appears to be a milder variant for most people.
"I think it's important for us to hit a reset button on school policy and to help schools that are increasingly struggling to stay open," said Rubin.
CHOP recommends universal masking in schools but drops asymptomatic testing for staff and students and lowers the quarantine lengths.

Pediatrician and AAHPO Board Member Lynn Cetin, MD agrees with the CHOP comments, however, she notes that quarantine guidelines vary by state. Dr. Cetin urges all parents to stay informed about your local and state health guidelines.

"If we look at the people who are being asked to quarantine right now, we'd be quarantining everyone, and so as long as you're asymptomatic and wearing a mask, go to school, if you have symptoms, pull yourself out," added Rubin.

AAHPO "The Light of Love" Holiday Candle Sales Benefit Physicians of Artsakh
Yerevan and Artsakh Candle Sales Raise Vital Funds Supporting Continuing Medical Training

Editor's note: This article was published in the Armenian Mirror Spectator on January 8, 2022. The Yerevan and Artsakh candles are still available for sale, and make wonderful gifts for any occasion: Click here to order
In keeping with its longstanding mission of improving the healthcare of Armenians in the homeland, the Armenian American Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO) is spreading light this holiday season with the sale of two limited-edition, premium Armenia and Artsakh-themed candles to raise funds for teaching state of the art medical skills to physicians serving the villages and rural areas of Artsakh. 
Net proceeds from sales of “The Light of Love” campaign candles will be donated directly to AAHPO and earmarked for the organization’s Continuing Medical Education (CME) program. “This campaign provides a simple and thoughtful way for Armenians in the diaspora to support healthcare professionals in Artsakh who provide medical care to our brethren in the region,” said AAHPO President Lawrence V. Najarian, MD. “You can give the candle as a unique gift year-round to friends and family, while simultaneously providing much-needed medical care to Armenians through doctors in Artsakh.”
Artsakh candle
The Artsakh candle is scented with sandalwood.
Yerevan candle
The Yerevan candle is scented with pomegranate.
Created by Next Stop Candles, each high-quality, limited-edition candle is infused with a unique fragrance crafted to embody the iconic global destination of its namesake city. The Artsakh candle is scented with the eternal, windswept aroma of sandalwood and features a beautiful photo of the iconic tatik-papik monument symbolizing the region’s Armenian heritage. The Yerevan candle features the light and sweet aroma of freshly-sliced pomegranate, with an image of the city with historic Mount Ararat beckoning on the horizon. Click here to read more

Volunteer wanted!
AAHPO requests the assistance of anyone who will be traveling to Moscow from the New York/New Jersey area. Please contact volunteer@aahpo.org if you are willing to help.
Please donate directly to AAHPO to support our mission to assist Armenians here and in Armenia.
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