Volume 54
April 7, 2021
Snapshots, For the Better
  • Sports analogies
  • Healthy Growth, Expect More
  • HDI+ Promises
  • Ready, Set, Grow
  • Admirable heroes
Baseball season is back, with enthusiastic (not cardboard) fans in the stands. With celebrity players visibly in their element, who orchestrates how talented athletes develop into winning teams? While coaches are behind the scenes, their positive impact shows and once again, sports analogies teach valuable lessons.

With strategic concepts and customized content shaping paths, recent Practice Growth Insights issues explored how behavior change can create healthy habits.
We highlighted:
“Habits are behaviors which via repetition become automatic and changing small habits can make big differences. In James Clear’s influential book, Atomic Habits, we see how getting 1% better at a task every day produces results 37 times better after one year.
“While your favorite sports team’s season begins with lofty goals, our HDI+ inspires Healthy Growth. Professionally, throughout your Practice Growth by Design journey, we want you to Expect More from our veteran Coaching.”
Among our HDI+ promises are

  • Intently loyal partnership, you can trust, for the future

  • At your service mentality with enthusiasm and humility

  • Expert support which helps you to Outsmart, not Outspend competition
We proactively and explicitly make these promises for two primary reasons. First is that they are from winning experiences, in strong support of your grassroots educational-marketing goals. Second is that many practices express healthy skepticism based on other’s previous attempts to assist with traditional methods. As one rightfully frustrated decision maker said, “I’ve been promised home runs SO many times but have never gotten to first base.” If this sounds familiar, then now is the time to compete confidently, instead of sacrificing or chasing curveballs.

While we cannot negate prior experiences with others, we promise your HDI+ hits will deliver a high on base percentage. Who will keep score? We do and you should.

Not a spectator sport... in practice, our expertly genuine COACHing starts with:
What is 162? The number of games in a standard baseball season. While one day can register a win or a loss, it is a season’s totality and game-changing results that matter most. As true team players, we engage in every inning, not just the opening ceremonies.
“There are three types of baseball players:
those who make it happen,
those who watch it happen and
those who wonder what happens.”
— Tommy Lasorda
  • Discover which grassroots educational marketing programs are ideally suited for your practice.

  • Formulate and document plans to ensure a steady stream of more runs, not shutouts.

  • Co-create customized designs, in preparation to establish early winning streaks.
Regular Season
  • What is our plan? We go deep, starting with why, knowing what and explaining how.

  • We concentrate on training your MVP’s, most valuable professionals, with deliberate practice.

  • Our real-time learning drives home the fact that every patient education opportunity is unique.
  • As team confidence builds in your clinic, we identify all-star performers to lead the way.

  • We accelerate habit-forming XYZ initiatives. No stolen bases, just logical action steps.

  • Regularly scheduled team meetings discuss, track and foster winning attitudes.
For a moment, think about a sport’s hero you admire most. As a St. Louis Cardinal fan, mine is Stan Musial. Beyond all his impressive statistics, he was a highly respected by his teammates, represented our national pastime with dignity and modeled incredibly generosity in his local community. There are many valuable lessons to learn from “Stan the Man” or your personal favorite(s) in how their unique talents were brought to life in remarkable and game-changing ways.

As each talented athlete demonstrates prowess, dedicated coaches support(ed) high-performance teams. Indeed, each position player must expertly apply their skills, ideally with seasoned guidance. Please count on our expert Coaching to, with caring tenacity, champion your winning results, from start to finish! 
Bruce Essman
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