March 26, 2019

Want to hear how L'BRI Consultants are using the Facebook Party training to get results? Then you'll love this update!

Lynn Bardowski will be back tonight - LIVE at 8 pm CT in the Consultant Forum - with an expert panel of L'BRI "Facebook Partiers!" Special thanks to our pilot team: Cayla Biel, Haylie Cobb, Char Grover, Jodi Keller, Holly Menzer, Mandie Menzer, Gina O'Sullivan and Christina Wiedmeyer.

TONIGHT you will learn how they are using specific elements of Lynn's formula including Google Forms, the Prize Point Tracker, Sampling Made Easy, and more! They'll be sharing sales, booking, and sponsoring results, too!

Watch the "L'BRI Facebook Party Expert Panel" - tonight at 8 pm CT - Click this link:

OR... go to the Consultant Forum and find the bright green post. You can go there now and click the REMINDER button in the bottom right corner of the post to set a reminder for the LIVE event.

If you can't attend LIVE come back to watch the replay.

And, if you missed the "TEST" Facebook Party Cayla Biel held in the Consultant Forum, you can click on the Events tab to see all the posts anytime. She rocked it!


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Lin Ragle