Remote working becoming the rule, not the  exception 

The U.S. and Australia are essentially tied (45% and 43% respectively) for having the second-most number of companies allowing remote work.  The research clearly shows that businesses are in the process of transforming their workplaces digitally.

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Source: National Safety Council

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Conflict in the Workplace

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constructive responses to destructive  conflict. Techniques covered include  responding with empathy, active  listening, setting a limit, finding  something to agree with, using "I"  language instead of "you" language,  disengaging to cool off, appealing to  mutual self-interest, and attacking the  problem, not the person.

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Marijuana in the Workplace 

State marijuana laws do not affect employer's right to:
  • Prohibit employees from using marijuana at work or during work hours
  • Prohibit employees from being under the influence of marijuana at work or during work hours
  • Require employees or applicants to undergo drug testing

State marijuana and other laws may: 

  • Require employers to make reasonable accommodations for an employee's off-duty marijuana use
  • Prohibit employers from discriminating against employees based on off-duty marijuana use
  • Impose employer requirements for workplace drug testing policies

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  Source:  New Frontier Data
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