Are some health care costs just not worth it? Experts say yes.

According to an article on the Journal of American Medical Association, the entire health care system is burdened by low-value health care services which may provide only marginal positive health outcomes and simply are not worth the cost. Read more.

(Source: Journals of the American Medical Association, JAMA)
CMS Announces Changes to Hospital Reporting and Meaningful Use Program

CMS recently announced a requirement for hospitals to post pricing for standard charges. Citing an overburden of quality measures, the CMS is eliminating 19 measures the agency determined to be redundant and process driven. The meaningful use program is getting an overhaul and will be renamed “Promoting Interoperability” and will focus on making it easier to obtain their records. Read more.

NEW! Custom State Health Reports Now Available

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently launched a new tool that allows users to create custom reports about health issues relevant to where you live and work. These reports allow users to find reports about topics ranging from the demographics of who has health care in their state to a breakdown of private insurance and marketplace. Access the reports here.

(Source: Kaiser Family Foundation)
Hackers Access MRI and X-Ray Imaging Machines for Corporate Espionage

Security experts have recently uncovered a hacking group called “Orangeworm” that have been installing a “wormable trojan” on machines hosting software used for high-tech imaging and for storing patient information. The hack can allow attackers to steal personal information. Learn more here.

(Source: The Hacker News)
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