May 11, 2021
Industry News
Experts: Smart Cities Attractive to Hackers
Experts from Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre said last week that smart cities will be attractive to hackers and should consider tight security measures. The Centre published a set of security principles for smart cities and warned of the possibility of outright security threats as well as threats to personal privacy.
Lime Enlists Users to Advocate for Complete Streets
Scooter-share giant Lime launched a campaign to encourage its users to advocate for Complete Streets in their communities and work for safer urban infrastructure. The People-first Cities campaign asks Lime users to contact their legislators to support the Complete Streets Act and the American Jobs Plan.
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The Colorado State Parks used to waste a lot of time and energy collecting from their cash honor-boxes. The Agency made a major change when they implemented automated payment kiosks, resulting in $3 million dollars in revenue, higher customer satisfaction and hours of staff time. 
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