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  • It's a Festival!   Our chapter-wide celebration of us happens October 7th. 
    Come to party with old and new friends, learn what you didn't know about your TTN chapter, and leave full of ideas, motivation and even a gift bag.
  • Get involved in a Member's exploration of social entanglements that  may arise when a single person and a couple dine together in "Dinner for Three." 
  • Tour the more than 20 "Private Libraries" that populate our City and offer rich, unique materials, workshops and seminars.
  • We remind you of everything you missed over the summer. So don't miss out on what's coming up next!
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Dr. Sylvia Seidman

Estelle Siegel

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October 3rd

October 7th

October 13th

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October 25th

Oh My Aching Back!
 October 26th

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November 2nd

Art Gallery Tour of 57th Street Galleries
November 15th

2nd Annual Artists & Artisans Fair
November 18th

Harriet Walley 
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Life Transition Services (LTS): 
Eileen Kobrin

Strategic Partnership
Phyllis Meissel 

Maria Tardugno
By MaryLou Floyd, Betty Rauch & Judith Glass
Here's a great opportunity to meet, mingle and learn more about the amazing array of activities and benefits that come with your TTN membership.

Join us for the TTN NYC 2.0 Festival on October 7th. It's an Open House with non-stop activities. Plan to drop by any time from 3pm to 6pm.   Just so you know...  Read More
By Nancy Gold

The impetus for this article started with an anecdote shared at a TTN SIG. Let me share it with you and please send your feedback to the email address at the end of the article.

My friend, Alice, had lost her husband 6 months before. She told how she had returned to her winter home in Florida, a community where she and her husband had lived for over 10 years. Being a widow was hard to bear, but she was managing and looking forward to seeing old

She learned there was a group dinner planned and Alice mentioned it to her friend, the wife of a couple with whom they had socialized. Alice said she'd like to sit at their table.  Imagine her dismay when the friend responded that Alice should really sit at the singles table instead.

This story brought tears to her eyes and to mine too. How heartless of the woman. It made me wonder what the motivation was for this comment... Read More

Private Libraries in New York Citylibrary
By Sally Wendkos Olds  

There are more than twenty private libraries in Manhattan-free or fee-based-that offer workshops, lectures, reading groups, writing seminars and access to archives.

The New York Society Library Member's Room. Photo by  Manhattan Sideways

My friend Silvia Koner pays $260 a year  to be a member of The New York Society Library, one of more than twenty private libraries in Manhattan. When I asked Silvia why she pays so much for this membership, when we have the renowned New York Public Library, with its 88 citywide branches here for free, she told me, "I had gone to a lecture there and was so enchanted by the building and the atmosphere that I joined immediately and have kept renewing my membership ever since. I'm an omnivorous reader and I love the fact that, with its twelve floors of open stacks, I can get any book I want right away. I've also participated in very special members-only seminars about Anthony Trollope, George Eliot, and ...  Read More

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In Case You Missed It - 
Recent TTN Events In-Case-
Sally Dougan

The Annual TTN-NYC Cocktail Party  was held July 18 at the inviting Ribbon Resta urant where TTNers and guests were feted with wine, food  and the performance of  an up-and-coming Broadway singer whose joyful performance encouraged members to join in the singing, dancing ...  Read More

Attention all Chapter authors, artists and award winners 

Have you been published lately?  A book or an article?  Are there any gallery shows or shops exhibiting your art or handmade items?  Let us know and we will help publicize it for you and feature you in our TTN emails and on our website and Facebook pages.
Do we have any members who have recently been awarded a degree or an honor for their contributions to society?  Let your fellow members know and enjoy your achievements with you.  


Around TTN Town Around-TTN_Town

The TTN NYC Chapter 2.0 FESTIVAL
Saturday, October 7 Open House, 3 to 6pm
Do you like Silent Auctions, Enticing Demonstrations, Food and Wine, Goody Bags, TTN & Sponsor Info Booths, Makeup Demos and More?  Yes?  
Then you need to be at TTN-NYC's  FESTIVAL!

TTNers Creating News

TTN's own Mimi Grinker penned a very interesting article for our partner Coming of Age's fall newsletter.  Learn more about Living Well Together (LWT)  a the community- based version of The Transition Network's Caring Collaborative. Read More

Susan Shafer is a playwright specializing in short plays  about women in history.  This TTN member's  current article in NYCity Woman on "Wedding Bells at 70" is a most interesting read.

New TTN member Carol Brody was a featured artist at the Warren Street Gallery this fall. Read More

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