Birds, Dinosaurs, Geology, and Space!
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Space 1
Night Sky Projection Kit $12
Space Exploration Dover Fun Kit $16.95
Solar System Planetarium $12
Planets 101 $9.95
Usborn Space Pack $14.99
Outer Space card game $10
Space 2
Constellations Activity Book $6.95
Space Sticker Book $8.99
Usborne Book of Astroomy & Space $14.99
Exploring the Solar System $4.99
Outer Space Puzzle $15
Space 3
Night Sky: Playing with Constellations $5.95
The Night Sky Pocket Naturalist Guide $6.95
Usborne Discovery Astronomy $8.99
101 Amazing Sights of the Night Sky $14.95
Dinosaurs 1
3D Mammoth Puzzle $3
Eyewitness Kit: Dinoworks $15
3D Parasaurolophus puzzle $5
Dinosaurs card game $10
Dinosaur Poop Excavation Kit $11
Dinosaurs 2
Dinosaur Skeleton Dig $10
Hunting Dinosaurs book $24.95
Dinosaur Eggs & Babies DVD $19.95
Smithsonian Motorized 3D puzzles $5 each:
T-Rex (easy), Brachiosaurus (medium), or Triceratops (advanced)
Dinosaurs 3
Dinosaur Adventure Activity Book $9.99
Dinosaur Glow in the Dark Sticker Book $6.99
Dinosaurs & Other Prehistoric Life $12.99
Dinosaur Discovery Activity Book $6.95
Dinosaurs 4
Metal Earth 3D Metal Model Kits: stegosaurus or triceratops $10 each
Meatal Earth Tool Kit $14
Geology 1
Earth Science Kits:
Minerals $13
Rocks $12.50
Fossils $12.50
Geology 2
MagicRocks blue $12
Excavate & Explore Real Sea Life Fossils $10
MagicRocks red $13
Rockin' Discoveries $5.50
Rocks & Minerals of the United States Quick Guide $8.95
Birds 1
North American Birds card game & book $11
Backyard Birding for Kids $9.99
Birds of Wisconsin Field Guide $12.95
The Kids’ Guide to Birds of Wisconsin $13.95
Birds of the Midwest $9.95
Birds 2
Paint a Bird Base $15
What Bird am I? Bird Identification Game $35
Birds of North America card game $10
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