Spotlight on SKORDO
Words and Photos By Nora Ibrahim

Earlier this month, Portland was named as the Restaurant City of the Year by Bon Appétit. This all comes down to the high-quality foods and the passionate chefs and cooks that made this momentum happen!

In light of this wonderful accomplishment, we would like to introduce you to one of a kind shop where you can spice up your dishes with new flavors: SKORDO . This spice shop, located on 372 Fore Street, has a spectacular collection of seasoning from all over the world.

In addition to the powders and flakes, you will also find dried ingredients like cremini, oyster, shiitake, black trumpet, and porcini. For a flavor booster, experiment with different kinds of salts that vary from lemon rosemary to whiskey smoked sea salt and fennel saffron. Or, go for something a little more sour with pomegranate seeds or lemon zest.
SKORDO has a striking collection of seasoning that is not your everyday mix such as apple cider vinegar powder, soy sauce powder, and espresso sugar (we were informed that sugar tends to capture the flavor of the ingredients it sets with). These exotic flavors inspired SKORDO’s decor, as well as the carefully selected accessories and cooking books available in the store.

Anne Karonis Weiss, one of the co-founders of SKORDO, said that she and her sister test the recipes in the cookbooks themselves before they put them on the shelf. The books they select feature cuisine and flavors from all over the globe. Anne also spoke of the importance of experimentation and the creative process behind adding a spice to an everyday meal. The example she gave was that of meatballs. A cook may have a special recipe for how to prepare this dish, but one dash of a spice can create a whole new flavor. SKORDO’s most popular spices are ones that come from right here in Maine with local ingredients like sea salt and wild berries.
The accessories sold at SKORDO are mostly made from natural materials like ceramics, copper, wood, and even shells and bamboo! Many of the accessories and tools are available in vibrant colors – just right to spice up your kitchen.

This wonderful shop is all about origins. Every spice comes from the country of origin. So, if you see a name of a country on a label, that’s where it's from. In addition to that, the shop itself is based on the rich roots of the family behind it. Anne explained to us the meaning of SKORDO as well as what the colors of the logo represent. She said “skordo is the Greek word for garlic,” and then added, “the blue of the ocean reminds us of Greece and Maine.”

Anne’s grandfather was a cook and a seafood restaurant owner in Greece. Thus, cooking is a common passion in the family where they enjoyed their best moments either in the kitchen or around the table. Their mission is to bring this energy to your kitchen while preparing meals for your family and friends.

For more information about SKORDO, click here . Enjoy!

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