Recommended Events for January 2021

Tuesdays starting January 5 • The Great Work w/ Kyle Kramer
Wednesdays, January 6, 13, 20, 27 • How to Connect Across Our Difference
Saturday, January 9 • Getting to Know Trees in Winter at Bernheim Forest
Saturdays, January 9, 16, 30 • Women's Dream Workshop with Kim Greene
Tuesday, January 12 • Louisville Showing Up for Racial Justice Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, January 19 •  Sierra Club presents Kentucky Legislative Check In
Tuesdays, January 19, 26, Feb 2, 9 • Calling In The Calling Out Culture
Thursday, January 21 • Third Thursday Lunch w/ Sadiqa Reynolds

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth Offers Political Education Series
The Future Is Bright- Overstory Podcast from Sierra Club
“Kinship”By Ursula K. Le Guin

5-week course begins
Tuesday, January 5, 2021,
11:00- 12:30 pm

The Great Work

Held online via Zoom
Passionist Earth & Spirit Center
Human beings are the most advanced species on planet Earth - and we have also become the most destructive. If you puzzle at this conundrum, this course can help you understand the unique role that human beings play in our evolving, interconnected universe, and how we can harness our collective energies for personal, social, and planetary flourishing.

This course explores how we can make a transition from a period of human devastation of the Earth to recognizing and celebrating the sacredness of all creation and finding our place within the web of life. Drawing primarily upon the work of the cultural historian and theologian Thomas Berry, in whose lineage the Earth & Spirit Center was founded, the course explores our current ecological and cultural crises and considers the values, vision, and practical solutions we need for the healing of our world. 

Hosted by the Passionist Earth and Spirit Center. Facilitated by Kyle Kramer


January 6, 13, 20 and 27, 7 - 9 pm

How to Connect Across Our Difference
with Cory Lockhart
Hosted online by
The Passionist Earth and Spirit Center

In this four-week, interactive online course, you will learn the art and practice of Compassionate Communication, as developed by Marshall Rosenberg. The primary goal of Compassionate Communication is mindful connection with yourself and others, in order that everyone’s needs can be honored and addressed. As with any practice, you’ll have leaps forward, stumbles, successes, mistakes, and, with some self-reflection, lots of learning.

This course is enrollment-limited because it is highly participatory. You’ll learn the key principles of Compassionate Communication and will practice different skills each week, centered on the following themes:

• Introduction and Observations beneath Observations: What is Compassionate Communication and what are we not seeing when we look?

• Honoring Feelings and Needs: How can we cultivate awareness and appreciation of our needs?

• Receiving Difficult Messages: What are the four ways to receive difficult messages and how can we move from responses that disconnect us to ones that connect us?

• Making Requests to Meet Needs: How can we make requests to meet our needs? 

Costs and registration available here.

Saturday, January 9, 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Getting to Know Trees in Winter
Bernheim Forest,
Clermont, Ky
Learning to recognize trees in the winter can be challenging but rewarding. Join Wren Smith for an introduction to identifying common native trees. Wren will help you appreciate and celebrate the lesser-known rewards of such knowledge. The class will take place outdoors, so please dress for the weather.

Class size is limited. Masks and social distancing are required on the trail.
Bernheim members $10; non-members $12

Registration and payment are due by 4 pm on the day prior to start of program by calling (502) 955-8512 or clicking here.

Saturdays, January 9, 16 and 30,
1:30 - 3:30 pm

Dream Workshop
with Kim Greene
3-Part Virtual Workshop for Women
Open Your Heart to 2021 Through Your Dreams

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” Victor Hugo

After a long and challenging 2020, let your dreams open your heart to welcome 2021. What will the new year bring into your life? Who visits in your dreams? Ancestors? Animals? Special landscapes? Horrific figures?

We will welcome all of them in our three weekly meetings. By tending these dream images we will begin to awaken to the wisdom they embody. As the dreams pull us into the future, we will ask them what they desire of us.

In this virtual workshop, Dream Tender Kim Greene will facilitate the group as you welcome dreams of all kinds, inviting them to reveal their messages for your wellbeing and guidance. Each session will begin with a centering meditation and activities designed to invite our dream images into our circle. The sessions will also include tending individual dreams in community and breaking into groups of two or three for conversations with a dream.

Dream Tending is an interactive and embodied way of opening our dreams. Through meditation, active imagination and gentle probing by the Dream Tender, the dreamer unfolds her dream. Dream Tending embraces poetry, art, music and movement as partners in beginning this communication with your deepest inner spaces.
Embrace your future guided by your dreams.

Cost: $80. Please complete registration, which is a two-part process. If mailing a check, email to reserve your spot. Mail to: Spirit of Sophia, P. O. Box 18, Harrods Creek, KY 40027. Participant limit: 18.

Tuesday, January, 12
7 - 8:30 pm

Louisville Showing Up for
Racial Justice Meeting

Offered Online
LSURJ is ending the year with a new and improved approach to our monthly meeting! Please make note of the new time and structure. Don’t forget – it’s a great time to invite a friend, family member or co-worker.

7:00-7:30 | Welcome for new folks--join us before the meeting if you want to learn more about LSURJ.

7:30-8:30 | Meeting, all are welcome! Let's end white silence. Topics this month include Justice for Breonna, Ending Cash Bail, fights over Defunding the Police and Investing in Our Community.

Feel free to join at either 7:00 or 7:30. To request ASL interpretation please email

Register at

Tuesday, January 19, 7 pm
Greater Louisville Sierra Club presents
Kentucky Legislative Check-In
with Lane Boldman
Via Zoom
Please join us on Zoom, as we kick off the new year with a Kentucky legislature informational presentation from Lane Boldman, Executive Director of the Kentucky Conservation Committee (KCC). We’ll hear about what’s happening in Frankfort during the 2021 Kentucky General Assembly session and what we can do to support important legislation for a healthier Kentucky.

KCC is a state-based conservation and policy collaborative established in 1975 which seeks to advocate for protection, restoration, and sustainable use of natural resources for the equitable benefit of all citizens in our Commonwealth.

Lane Boldman has been working on environmental advocacy issues in Kentucky and nationally since 1992 and has been with the KCC since 2014. Lane has previously chaired the Cumberland Chapter of the Sierra Club and held leadership roles in the areas of mining, forestry, wildlands, energy and communications for more than two decades. Lane has also served on the Sierra Club’s national Board of Directors, holding positions as Secretary, Vice President for Volunteer Leadership and Vice President for Visibility and Outreach.

In addition, Lane has led policy teams for the Sierra Club on Natural Gas Fracking, and as Chair for the Sierra Club’s Council of Sierra Club Leaders. Lane has also previously served on the board of Citizens Coal Council, working to empower citizens affected by the impacts of mining and coal, the board of the US Green Building Council/Kentucky Market Leadership, and the board of the Kentucky Solar Energy Society.

Please use this link to register for this event.

Tuesdays, January 19, 26, Feb 2 and 9,
7pm - 9pm

Calling In The Calling Out Culture
with Loretta Ross
Offered online
This is a great follow-up to the 2020 annual Ann Braden Institute lecture with Professor Loretta Ross.

Join Professor Loretta Ross, reproductive justice champion and human rights activist, on a journey to transform the Calling Out Culture into a Calling In Culture. Loretta is committed to changing our national dialogue and improving our work on human rights by inviting us to take a deep exploration into how we can most effectively impact change in our communities. She asks the hard questions: Is Calling Out culture allowing us to unite to fight the real challenges before us?

Cost is $5 and up. Register here.

Thursday, January 21, 12 pm

Third Thursday Lunch Goes Virtual
Guest: Sadiqa Reynolds of the Louisville Urban League
The Louisville Fellowship of Reconciliation along with Sowers of Justice is reviving its “Third Thursday Lunch” event. Due to the COVID 19 situation it will be held via Zoom.

Sadiqa Reynolds, President and CEO of the Louisville Urban League, will be the speaker. The title of her talk is “Police, Power and Privilege.” The Third Thursday luncheon is sponsored by Fellowship of Reconciliation and Sowers of Justice, two faith-based organizations that advocate for social justice. This presentation is a continuation of Third Thursday luncheons which has brought important conversation on social concerns to our city for over twenty-five years.

After missing a few months due to the pandemic, the Luncheon series will resume virtually and hopefully return in person meetings post pandemic. Given the turbulent year in our city, we are pleased to begin our program in January featuring the insights of Sadiqa Reynolds who is such an important advocate for civil rights.

If you are interested in attend the Jan. 21st TTL event please send us an email stating your interest to We will then send you a registration link.. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Dates TBA

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
Political Education Series
We're excited to announce a new Political Education Series centered on abolitionist perspectives. This series is being developed by KFTC organizers and members, and inspired by allies, artists, and peers.

Amidst the uprising against police brutality and the imprisonment of Black and Indigenous people of color, and a severe economic crisis made worse by a global pandemic, abolitionist perspectives that center on mutual aid and a caring economy have resurfaced widely.

What we hope to learn:

• Definitions of policing, defunding police, abolition, divesting/investing, and more.

• Conflict transformation: when conflict comes up within us and with folks we talk to, how do we move through that toward growth and our vision?

• History of policing.

• Alternatives to prisons and policing. 
• And more!

We invite all members and friends to join us in January 2021. Sign up here

The Future Is Bright
Overstory Podcast
The mostly horrible year 2020 is almost over. For certain it marks a decisive break with the past. But what will come next? What will the future look like? In the latest episode of The Overstory, we imagine a brighter future with an all-star roster of activists and authors. Melissa Nelson of the Cultural Conservancy discusses what it will take to Indigenize the conservation movement; Black urbanist Kristen Jeffers envisions a new kind of city; Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement offers her take on youth activism; and the Sierra Club's director of campaigns, Mary Anne Hitt, tells us what a clean energy future can be like. Here is the link.

By Ursula K. Le Guin

Very slowly burning, the big forest tree
stands in the slight hollow of the snow
melted around it by the mild, long
heat of its being and its will to be
root, trunk, branch, leaf, and know
earth dark, sun light, wind touch, bird song.

Rootless and restless and warmblooded, we
blaze in the flare that blinds us to that slow,
tall, fraternal fire of life as strong
now as in the seedling two centuries ago.

~ Ursula K. Le Guin, Late in the Day: Poems 2010-2014
(PM Press, 2016).

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