Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 7 • We All Drink Downstream! Community Action Event
Thursday, September 9 • Women, Spirituality, & Social Justice
Saturday, September 11 • Turtles on the Move at the Louisville Nature Center
Saturday, September 11 • Louisville Grows Seeds & Starts Sale
Saturday, September 11 • Birding 101 In the Swamp at Jefferson Memorial
Saturday, September 11 • reGeneration Fair 2021 at Waterfront Botanical Gardens
Saturday, September 11 • Bug Ball at Waterfront Botanical Gardens
Starting Monday, September 13 • Reimagining ME: Mindful Explorations
Tuesday, September 14 • Louisville Showing Up for Racial Justice Meeting
Thursday, September 16th • Third Thursday Lunch: Philanthropic Redlining
Saturday, September 18 • REAL— How to Make a Difference on Climate Change
Tuesday, September 21 • Sierra Club presents: Kentucky Thrives
Saturday, September 25 • For the Love of Trees: Walk & Talk at Bernheim Forest
Tuesday, September 28 • Beginnings: Race and Racism in the US

Coming Soon

October 20 – 24, 2021 • The Way of Council and the Art of Mirroring
Saturday, October 23 • The Louisville Earth Walk - Register Now!
November 10 • Louisville Sustainability Council Summit
November 18 - 20 • Sacred Change: Essential Conversations on Faith and Race


Kentuckians for the Commonwealth - Recording from Annual Meeting

Tuesday, September 7, 10:00 am

We All Drink Downstream!
Community Action Event

Riverview Park,
8202 Greenwood Rd, 40258
On September 7 a coalition of local community groups, political leaders and science and health professionals will host a community action and education day “We All Drink Downstream!” about the ongoing issues with toxic chemical pollution in our Ohio River. We will learn about PFAS and related “Forever Chemicals” in our water supply, about impacts of petrochemical development on the Ohio River which provides drinking water for millions, and about how we can advocate for our community health! This event is part of a national week of coalition actions which will be shared with Biden administration representatives and the media, calling on the government to halt all permitting for new petrochemical facilities.

Now is no time to be locking ourselves into decades of deepening dependence on fossil fuels and petrochemicals, which both damage our climate system and poison our air, water, soil and bodies. Nearly two decades ago the people of this neighborhood drafted The Louisville Charter, which continues to guide organizing work in frontline communities around the nation. The people speak time and again, and yet, our civilization continues to be built around compounds which poison us. Today, we all feel the inflection point, a sense that there's no use going this way and something has got to give. Let's talk together about how we take advantage of this moment.

Event includes water testing, a birds eye view and toxic tour map of the area’s petrochemical corporate ‘citizens’, speakers including Representative Scott, live radio fun, food from Food Not Bombs, ways to plug in to find your place in the work of Pushing Back, and musical guests The Mighty Shades of Ebony and Lionheart.

Please share widely in your networks and plan to come!

Thursday, September 9, 7:00 pm

Women, Spirituality,
& Social Justice

Hosted online by
the Earth & Spirit Center

This course will explore the power and presence of women within diverse wisdom traditions and movements for social change. We will reflect on feminine ways of being, leading, and meaning-making as it relates to care for the Earth and our communities. We will discover the presence of the feminine within our religious and spiritual traditions, while also engaging with texts from diverse women writers and leaders who stand courageously at the intersection of spirituality and justice-making. Facilitated by Natasha Burrowes

Registration and additional information available here.

Saturday, September 11, 10 am

Turtles on the Move

Louisville Nature Center,
3745 Illinois Avenue, 40213
Terrapene Carolina Carolina, also known as the Eastern Box Turtle, inhabit woodlands, brushy grasslands, floodplains, pasture, meadows and areas near streams and ponds. Box turtles are hard to spot, taking refuge under logs and in abandoned burrows. With the use of radio telemetry transmitters, we are able to study nesting habits of female turtles around the Nature Center. On this guided hike, Rosemary will show you how she uses a receiver to track down turtles in the forest. This program will be mostly off trail.

Located in the center of Louisville and adjacent to the Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve, the LNC offers nature and sustainability education, as well as an urban wilderness experience. The unique urban forest includes two miles of hiking trails through the 41-acre Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve, and 30 acres of surrounding forest.

Register here.

Saturday, September 11,
10am - 4pm

Louisville Grows
Seeds & Starts Sale!
Featuring cole crops for fall planting

Louisville Grows,
1639 Portland Avenue, 40203

Rejuvenate your garden with your favorite cole crops this fall!
All proceeds from the Seeds & Starts Sale directly support a sustainable food system by benefitting community gardens through Louisville Grows' Community Garden Grant Program.

In-person instructions: 
Please wear a mask when inside the Greenhouse. 
Please maintain social distancing. We accept cash, all major credit cards, and checks. To place orders and details on curbside pick-up instructions, visit https://www.seedsandstarts.org/.

Saturday, September 11,
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Birding 101 In the Swamp

Jefferson Memorial Forest & Natural Areas, Caperton Swamp
Did you know there is a swamp only miles from downtown Louisville? And did you know there are almost 200 different types of birds that inhabit this swamp? Join us as we explore Caperton Swamp and search for the beautiful birds that take rest here on their journey south. Binoculars and ID guides provided. No birding experience necessary. Bring out the whole family! We will avoid the muddiest areas, but wear closed toed shoes that can get dirty. Program meets at the parking lot at Caperton Swamp on River Rd. just down the road from Cox and Thurman-Hutchins Parks.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by adult. Pre-registration is required.
$10/person. Call 502-368-5404 to register.

Saturday, September 11, 2:00 - 5:00 pm

reGeneration Fair 2021

Waterfront Botanical Gardens, 1435 Frankfort Ave, 40206
Saturday, September 11, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Bug Ball

Waterfront Botanical Gardens, 1435 Frankfort Ave, 40206

Starting Monday, September 13, 12:30 - 2:30 pm

Reimagining ME: Mindful Explorations

Offered online by Cory Lockhart

We are wise.
Each of us carries Wisdom within us, a quiet and grounded Knowing that is deeper than what we’ve learned in our studies, that is present not just in our minds, but through our whole being. Wisdom is also present in the world around us. We can connect with Wisdom when we listen to our bodies, to our heart’s guidance, to the rhythms of Earth.

Wisdom is quiet. Life is noisy.
Unfortunately, many of us are disconnected from our Knowing. The quiet voice of Wisdom is often muddled by internalized chatter that tells us we’re wrong, stupid, unworthy, not enough. The cacophony of our current culture surrounds many of us and further obscures our Knowing. Filling our time with busyness, even pleasant busyness, makes it harder still to pay attention to the Wisdom within and around us.

In addition to all the noise, we may be crouching behind heavy defensive shields that once served to protect us, but now block us from people, experiences, and parts of ourselves that can expand us, help us to stand tall, and ground us in our own worth and Wisdom.

Reimagining ME: Mindful Explorations invite us into weekly adventures, journeys in which we dive, or gently step (you get to decide which!), into ourselves in order to rediscover those forgotten, lost, and cut-off parts.

In each of the 12 weeks we’ll engage our curiosity by using practices of compassionate communication, body awareness, and creativity to challenge ourselves to play or to plunge, and see what we discover when we do!

Reimagining ME: Mindful Explorations is scheduled for 12 Mondays from 12:30-2:30pm ET via Zoom from September 13 to December 13. Each week focuses on a specific theme, all of which are listed on the website.

For more information on themes, session outlines, levels and pricing, and to register, visit the webpage

Tuesday, September 14, 7 pm

Louisville Showing Up for Racial Justice Monthly Meeting

Offered on Zoom
Join Louisville Showing Up for Racial Justice (LSURJ) for our monthly meeting.
From 7:00-7:30, we welcome new folks and go over the basics of what it means to fight racism in our community. Join us before the meeting if you want to learn more about LSURJ.

Then from 7:30-8:30, we choose a topic to explore further. For the next few meetings we will focus on Strategic Campaigns and Actions.

This is a perfect meeting to attend - AND - we encourage you to invite one friend, family member, co-worker.... You get the idea!

Feel free to join at either 7:00 or 7:30. To request ASL interpretation please email louisvillesurj@gmail.com.

Register at bit.ly/LSURJmeeting.

Learn more about LSURJ at LouisvilleSURJ.org.

Thursday, September 16th,
12 - 1 pm

Third Thursday Lunch Series with
Rev. Kelly Kirby
Philanthropic Redlining

Offered by Fellowship of Reconciliation and Sowers of Justice Network online

This is a presentation on "philanthropic redlining" and how we can support economic justice for the American descendants of slavery by supporting Black-led institutions.

About Philanthropic Redlining from the Marcus Harris Foundation:

"Inequities in funding among nonprofits have led to the growing use of the term “philanthropic redlining.” Redlining traditionally refers to the housing policies that resulted in the systematic denial of mortgage capital to black Americans during the 20th Century. Philanthropic redlining highlights misguided donor attitudes and practices that have led to significant underfunding of black-led organizations, particularly in the South and Midwest. Black-led organizations are more likely to be more reliant on government grants, resulting in many of them being more vulnerable to changes in government and recessions. "

About Kelly Kirby - “I am the Rector of St. Matthew’s, a creative and hopeful Episcopalian parish in Louisville, Kentucky. My current projects include Empower West Louisville, a diverse collaboration that strives for racial healing through economic justice and citywide book studies, the 2021 Bingham Fellows Class, and participation in the Collegeville Communities of Calling initiative: a project on how the many callings throughout our lives bring about wholeness in the world."

Register in advance for this meeting:

The event will also be live streamed on the Sowers of Justice Facebook page,
https://www.facebook.com/SOJNLou and broadcast on 106.5 FM WFMP's FORward radio.

Saturday, September 18, 7-8:30 pm

REAL Good News—
How You Can Help Implement Louisville’s Clean Energy Resolution

A virtual program to make a difference on climate change
On September 18, REAL Good News will hold its fourth in a series of quarterly public Zoom meetings to make sure Louisville implements its renewable energy goals. Last year the Metro Council passed a resolution to move the city’s operations to 100% clean energy by 2030. That resolution also sets a goal of 100% clean energy for the entire Louisville community by 2040.

Speakers will describe continuing appearances before the Metro Council and how you can be a part of supporting the renewable energy goals. Other speakers will focus on how solar energy can be part of Louisville’s renewable energy solution and how Louisvillians can influence Kentucky state government to support clean energy. There will also be music from Louisville performer John Gage.

The program is sponsored by 100%REAL (the Renewable Energy Alliance of Louisville), Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light, and the Christian Action group of St. Paul United Methodist Church.

The event is free but advance registration is required. Register here. Find more info here.

Tuesday, September 21, 7:00 pm

Sierra Club presents
Kentucky Thrives: A Regenerative Agriculture Campaign

Offered online
Please join us, via Zoom, as we welcome Hank Graddy. Hank, a longtime activist environmental attorney in Kentucky, will present “Kentucky Thrives: A Regenerative Agriculture Campaign”. This new and exciting initiative of the Kentucky Chapter of the Sierra Club, includes this call to action: “To create opportunities for family farmers and rural communities, the economic recovery plan must untangle the hyper-consolidated food supply chain that feeds Wall Street profits and instead invest in local and regional food systems that support farmers, agricultural workers, healthy soil, and climate resilience.” We’ll learn about the holistic land management practice of regenerative agriculture and how we can support this important campaign. The link to register for this meeting is https://tinyurl.com/glgkythrives.

Hank Graddy is an attorney from Versailles, Kentucky, a graduate from Washington and Lee University, and the University of Kentucky School Of Law. Hank has held a number of positions within the Sierra Club, including chair of the national Clean Water/Stop CAFOs campaign, which started the Healthy Foods, Local Farms annual conferences, and the Sierra Club Sentinel water sampling program. He was an organizer of the Kentucky River Watershed Watch, Salt River Watershed Watch, and the statewide Watershed Watch in Kentucky program.

We hope you’ll join us to learn more about Kentucky Thrives and how we can all contribute.

Saturday, September 25,
10 am - 12 pm

For the Love of Trees: Walk & Talk – Must Have Trees

Bernheim Forest,
Clermont, KY
If you love trees, this series is for you!

Bernheim Arboretum is a special place for many of you, but especially for those who love the company of trees. Staff and volunteers at Bernheim put in hours planting trees, caring for trees, and researching them. They also love sharing stories and engaging visitors in “treeful” explorations during Discovery Stations, programs and walks.

Join Director of Horticulture and Sustainable Landscapes Renee Frith and explore how trees are selected to fit a variety of landscape projects. You are sure to come away with new appreciations for the sometimes complex decisions that may guide the trees we chose to plant and where we plant them. Getting it right usually requires more than luck.
Dress for the weather. No pets, please.

These programs have limited capacity so register early!
Bernheim members $10; non – members $12
Registration and payment due by 4 p.m. the day prior to the program by calling (502) 955- 8512 or clicking here.

Tuesday, September 28,
12:00 - 2:00 pm
Beginnings: Race and Racism in the US
with Rev. Dr. Shannon Craigo-Snell

A Virtual Workshop for Women

In this workshop, we will discuss how racism got started in the US and how it continues in many of our societal structures. We will engage different understandings of race and racism, as well as covering important elements of US history that are often not taught in school. Finally, we will talk about spirituality and ethics in response to racism today.

Plan to learn over lunch! You can partake in your lunchtime nourishment while we expand our knowledge, understandings, and have an important conversation with Rev. Dr. Craigo-Snell and other women seekers.

Grant funding from Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and PCUSA Racial Equity & Women’s Intercultural Ministries allows us to bring you this and October 5th’s workshop with Rev. Shanea Leonard.

Complete the Registration/Waiver to attend

October 20 – 24, 2021

The Way of Council and the Art of Mirroring
With guides Doug Van Houten and Palika Rewildling

Harrods Creek Farm, Goshen, Kentucky
THE ART OF MIRRORING: There is an art to hearing a story as well as telling one. Mirroring is a collection of skills employed in receiving, embracing, and honoring each others’ stories. In mirroring, we neither project nor interpret but rather celebrate the magic of the story and the gifts of the One Who Bears the Tale. We help the storyteller glean-harvest-reap the jewels, the dark ones as well as those that sparkle.

If we will the future effectively it will be because the guidance and the powers of Earth have been communicated to us, not because we have determined the future of the Earth simply with some rational faculty.

— Thomas Berry, author The of Dream of the Earth

The Way of Council and the Art of Mirroring are invaluable practices on the descent to soul. Although much of the descent is solitary, gathering with others in council can make all the difference in finding our way. In the mirror of another, our eyes are opened to aspects of both our gifts and our challenges that we might not have seen otherwise. We are encouraged and inspired to drop into realms that are scary, edgy, darkly alluring, mysterious, and ecstatic — dangerous, yes, but keenly aligned with our deepest longings.

During council and through mirroring, we serve as consorts for each other’s mysteries. We are supported to track threads of our soul story that, during the intensive or later, can be amplified as we wander on the land or surrender ourselves to movement or dance, or expressed through poetry or other arts. Council and mirroring can crack us open to irrefutable truths about our core nature and our connection to the Others, the larger field in which our councils occur. During council, we track synchronies with the other-than-human world that surrounds us (animal appearances, for example, or weather shifts, or the quality of the light). And we unearth common archetypal themes that appear within our own human circle. All this helps us better perceive the threads of our individual soul stories and our unique ways of belonging to the world.

Click here for a complete program description and for guide bio.

Coming Soon

Saturday, October 23,
9:00 am

The 5th Annual
Louisville Earth Walk

Cherokee Park,
Hogans Fountain and Virtually
Registration is officially open for the 5th Annual Louisville Earth Walk coming Saturday, October 23 at Cherokee Park’s Hogan’s Fountain. There are two free registration options - In-person at the park starting at 9 am and a virtual option that allows you to participate from wherever you are. 

Registration and donation links are available at louisvilleearthwalk.org Join us as we celebrate planet Earth and the organizations that work on her behalf!

Any and everybody can support the Louisville Earth Walk by making donations here: https://runsignup.com/Race/Donate/KY/Louisville/LouisvilleEarthWalk or by hosting their own fundraising pages on the Earth Walk’s RunSignUp page.

Proceeds will be distributed among the 12 environmental nonprofit organizing partners. They are: Project Warm, Passionist Earth and Spirit Center, Our Earth Now, Louisville Sustainability Council, Louisville Grows, Louisville Climate Action Network, Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light, Kentucky Conservation Committee, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Greater Louisville Sierra Club, Food Literacy Project, and Cultivating Connections.

November 10, 1- 4 pm

Louisville Sustainability
Council Summit

Hosted online

Building on our mission to connect communities and create change, the Louisville Sustainability Council presents Powering the Movement: Building Community to Fight Climate Change. This event will explore the intersections between climate change, social equity, and community resilience. As the sustainability movement continues to gain momentum through renewed national attention, communities are calling for innovative ideas and immediate action.

Join us to discuss climate justice, advocacy, and community building to discover your role in creating meaningful change. Featuring Keynote Speaker Jasmine Crowe, founder of Goodr, a sustainable waste management company that leverages technology to combat hunger and reduce food waste.

Early bird registration available here.
Thursday, November 18 - Saturday, November 20
Festival of Faiths

Sacred Change:
Essential Conversations on Faith and Race
At the Kentucky Center

The 2021 Festival of Faiths will examine issues of systemic racism in America and the role of spirituality in healing from the trauma of oppression.

Sacred Change: Essential Conversations on Faith and Race seeks to celebrate the unique beauty, power and strength of the Black faith experience while facing the profoundly brutal outcomes of genocide, slavery and “profit at any cost.”

Festival 2021 Highlights

CIR has enlisted the guidance of local Black theologians and educators to help curate the 2021 Festival of Faiths. Sessions will include:

Keeping Emmet’s Casket Open: Racial Reckoning in America and Louisville - Hosted by Simmons College

Black Faith’s Encounter with Black Trauma, Pain and Nihilism - Hosted by Baptist Seminary of Kentucky

The Ghosts and Growing Edges of Black Faith: Intersectional and Interreligious Conversations - Hosted by University of Louisville, Pan African Studies and Anne Braden Institute

The Inner Work of Racial Justice - Featuring Rhonda Magee, author, law professor and mindfulness practitioner

Truth and Repair - Hosted by Spalding University and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Walk of Truth - Hosted by the (Un)Known Project

Registration coming soon!
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