Volume 2 | September 3, 2021
Let's R.O.A.R. Together
Here at Bullitt Central High School, we believe our students should aim to be the best individuals they can be, each and every day. In order to achieve this, we have created a certain standard of expectations: R.O.A.R., which stands for Respect, Ownership, Acceptance, and Resilience. We aim to embed these expectations into each of our students.

We use this newsletter, Let's R.O.A.R. Together, to keep you abreast of all the great things happening with our students and staff at Bullitt Central. This newsletter is bi-weekly, rotating on Fridays with the district’s newsletter.

If you are a family that does not yet have children at Bullitt Central, you may wonder why you're receiving this. Since your students will someday be part of the BC community, we wanted to be sure you know about all the great things happening here. In addition, we will be sharing stories periodically from the elementary and middle schools – so be sure to stay on our list.

We urge you to forward this newsletter to anyone you think might be interested in receiving it. We want to shout our successes from the rooftop for all to hear!

Thank you for your support of our school. We are BC!

Exploring Central Time
What is Central Time (and why do we love it)?
Bullitt Central is excited to continue implementing Central Time for the 2021-2022 school year. We saw incredible results with the addition of Central Time into our daily school routines, and look forward to what our students accomplish using this resource throughout this year.

PBIS Reward System goes virtual
Our PBIS Reward System is going virtual! In the past, the PBIS Reward System has utilized a paper cash system; with BC’s new changes to the system, students will now be able to be rewarded in real-time as teachers and staff see them in action.

2021 Heisman High School Scholarship application available on Naviance
The 2021 Heisman High School Scholarship has been added to Naviance! This Scholarship program will recognize a winner from each high school in the nation that has student participation in the program by way of application. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is October 19, 2021.

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