Vol.01, 2020
Welcome Friends & Visionaries to a New Year!

We at Casa de Kids are thrilled with how much was accomplished with your help in 2019. We are now well-positioned for a record breaking 2020! In the last month, we've accepted two new female students into our program. It is amazing what their will and determination is accomplishing, and with a little assistance from us they will move forward to finish up their college education. 

In this newsletter we will share Part II of Meeting Eraclio & Exploring His Village , and its importance. 

Thank you for your interest in the children of the world, and their hope for a brighter future. 

In Gratitude,
Drew L. Vogt
CdK President/cofounder
It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.
Mother Theresa
Meeting Eraclio & Exploring His Village, Part II: 
Last month we shared the first part of our exploration to visit one of our student's villages. Our two car caravan included Drew, CdK associate Pam, her family and a guest who came from Connecticut, USA. 

The student is Eraclio, a young man in our program studying mechanical engineering. He comes from a mountain village of 15 houses and 97 people, that has no roads and no cars.  So, there is no auto access!  We considered this trip invaluable to help us understand the challenges that our students from remote villages face, such as limited access to education, modern culture, and job opportunities. But we couldn't have imagined what we would discover. 

We drove over mountains that were 9,500 feet in elevation, entered the jungle zone, then descended a steep rocky mountain for 30 minutes. At the bottom we parked along a wild river and loaded up our backpacks to cross the suspension foot bridge. Hiking through the misty jungle's steep path was like walking into another world! Eraclio explained to us that everything the town needs from the outside world must be brought up that same trail--on their backs. 

Student interview from trip
Drew & Kids
Christmas celebration
In December we closed the year with our students at our bimonthly meeting. It included a mini-class on how to do well in job interviews. Teresa Diaz, our guest presenter, gave our students 10 steps for a successful interview. The presentation was followed by Christmas gifts and dinner. 

Why Oaxaca? 
Oaxaca City is the capital of the state of Oaxaca (pronounced wah-ha-kah). While our state is famous for native and culinary arts, it ranks as the country's third poorest with one of the highest illiteracy rates. Its mountainous terrain makes commerce and education difficult, attracting many seeking a better life to Oaxaca City.
Community Activities: Oaxaca´s NGO Expo 2020
Casa De Kids has a growing presence in Oaxaca. We are finding new ways to reach out to new student candidates and get the word out about our services. One of the ways is through The Oaxaca Lending Library's third annual exposition for nonprofit organizations. While we support several organizations that empower local students, this event is about helping our aspiring students. Last Sunday, CdK's representatives attended this event for the third time. Drew and Pamela, along with some students, hosted an information table with flyers, mugs and a slide show. This helps us gain greater visibility, to meet new students and donors.
Maatsa, Drew & Eraclio
Maatsa, Pam & Eraclio
Attending students got a free water filter system to take to their villages!
Upcoming Events
Heads Up California! Casa de Kids coming soon to Palm Springs, stay tuned for our first event in the area! 
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