PLOrk (Princeton Laptop Orchestra), 2006
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We always appreciate hearing from viewers. Please keep sending your comments and suggestions! This week, Teresa Nakara, a music professor at the College of New Jersey, contacted us to suggest we post our 2006 story about PLOrk, the Princeton Laptop Orchestra.

PLOrk was founded that year. The group takes the traditional model of the orchestra and reinvents it for the 21st century. Each member performs with a laptop and custom-designed hemispherical speaker that emulates the way traditional orchestral instruments project their sound in space. 

PLOrk has thrived over the years, performing at Carnegie Hall, the Northwestern Spring Festival in Chicago, the American Academy of Sciences in DC, the Kitchen (NYC), 92Y and elsewhere. Back in 2006 we interviewed founders Dan Trueman and Perry Cook, several “laptopists,” and composers Brad Garton, Paul Lansky and internationally acclaimed tabla player Zakir Hussin, all of whom had written for the group.

We hope you enjoy the feature!

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