Daniel Hayduke, Untitled (Current student)
Visitors enjoy Aneka Ingold's Aberration
When the idea first arose to host The Bennett Prize’s 2019 - 2021 travelling exhibition of their finalists, including winner Aneka Ingold, was first raised, Incamminati’s staff, faculty, and Board were all in. What better way to not only support the Prize’s incredible mission to recognize the work of women in contemporary realism art, while also inspiring our students to reflect on how their own realist art training and individual styles can coexist?

Rising Voices opened March 24, with a masked, and socially distant opening reception. We welcomed more than 80 patrons and members of the Philadelphia art community, provosts, media, and two of the showing artists into our space in Building Bok. Through lively conversation, attendees celebrated the profound questions of today, visually narrated through figurative realist art, from the perspective of the female gaze. 
Jennifer R.A. Campbell's works
“Having the opportunity to host an exhibition like Rising Voices is a major reason the school chose the Bok building. With its 220-foot-long main hall, 14-foot-ceilings and equally wide corridors, it is a natural space for an exhibition of great art. The show is a powerful display of contemporary figurative realism and stretches the idea of what the field of art can be. Making great art that challenges the artist and viewer is at the heart of Studio Incamminati's mission.” Commented Incamminati’s Board Chair, William Daniels.

The exhibition also afforded us the opportunity to showcase the now finished skylight studios, where guests could explore our student’s in-progress écorchés made under the abundant natural light. Our other studio classrooms were also open to peruse, with student portrait and figure studies, and still life color studies on display.

The exhibition will be open through May 8, Wednesday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm. Admission is free. Masks must be worn at all times while in the building, and social distancing must be observed.

The exhibition will also be open during Philadelphia Open Studio Tour on Sunday, April 18th noon - 6pm.
Dorielle Caimi's works
On April 21, artist and author Samuel Adoquei joins the Bennett-Schmidt Lectures on the Higher Aim of Art series. Adoquei will speak on his recent book "A Short Story of Skin Tones in Art". In it, he aims to encourage artists to take an active role in furthering humanity's growth through the intentional mastering of painting different skin tones.

We were thrilled to interview him on his mission to help the harmonious evolution of art through art, paint, and color.

1 What draws you to figurative art and portraiture over other subjects?

The desire to record human lives in paint and color, to witness up close and experience their true journey is humbling and educational. It is a blessing to come in contact with people of different backgrounds. It allows me the opportunity to see the hidden treasures of people’s true beauty.
What I wish to portray in my portraits is to honor the pursuit of survival and happiness each person endures. Evolution has forced all members of humanity to flock to our new oasis of concrete, steel, and glass to find the right means to live. Alongside that, the mosaic of new cultures and cathedrals of different skin tones prove the advancement of human evolution.

Theologians, teachers, doctors, scientists, artists, judges, and politicians now come from all walks of life, and the shades, tones and colors of their skin range from the darkest browns to the lightest pinks. Many people have worked tirelessly to make this coming together possible, and there are humanitarians continuing to do the work so that peaceful and harmonious relationships among us keep improving as complexions multiply. To maintain this advancement, I believe artists must help through being intentional of their choice of subject and messaging in their work.
2 Your latest book “A Short Story of Skin Tones in Art”, a book that discusses painting skin tones and the importance of understanding how to do it. Do you think that is missing in realist art?

Today, a deep understanding of skin tones is a lot more prevalent today in realism than it was even 100 years ago, clearly. But what I’d like to see is exploration of skin color as a specific pursuit for the purpose of bringing awareness to the beauty of other people.

For me, the love of people, the discovery and admiration of beauty in others who differ from me, are the only guarantors we can rely on for advancing our universe. History and life experience tells me that the beauty of skin tones is the most important quality humanity can trust in to deliver peace, love, and oneness in all.
For this purpose, the book is divided into sections: skin tones over the ages, differences between skin and flesh tones, how to mix skin tones, and the future of portraiture and figurative painting as far as expectations are concerned.
Painting of Rodney
It also includes twelve revolutionary portrait masters every art lover and artist must know. I believe artists celebrate the souls of our times and preserve their beauty in paint and color. We must go to the source of portraiture to understand why the ancient Egyptians, for example, demanded accurate skin tones and flesh tones.
When reading it, I want the reader to ask themselves: How can we, as painters, create lasting imagery from today’s influential faces as artists of the past have? Who are the masters we must be inspired by, to create meaningful and eternal portraits? Why do the gods of India have different skin tones? This book offers answers to these questions to help artists create portraits that go beyond a simple likeness.
For this purpose, the beauty in skin tones could be the epiphany that represents our times. It is not because skin tones are missing in today’s figurative art. It is because it must be the vehicle in which artists use to find universal love in others.
It is obvious we have not yet shown hate the gift of evolution: the natural beauty of our creator’s other children. Today’s artists cannot wait and expect religion, science, and politicians to help our evolving and advancing universe. For these reasons, the book is a call to duty for artists to chip in, to help bring human beauty to all.
3 What does a strong understanding of skin tone bring to a painting?

There is a certain way of seeing and painting that a truly informed and enlightened artist is in possession of. It begins with the self. The sincere intent to bring out the true natural beauty of another’s skin tone is noble – and a gift which reveals hidden treasures in skin tones other than our own, in paint and color.

4 In your own work, which is exceedingly skilled in alla prima painting, where do you leave technical training and let intuition take the wheel?

I realized earlier on in America, vision on a mission requires more than just showing off skills. Great ideas change lives. The importance of my vision, purpose of my gift and contribution to humanity and our culture determine whether I ask for what I want like a four-year-old with a limited ten-word vocabulary, or demand what I need like an eighty-year-old with authority. Honestly, I don’t feel the need to render every form or put every detail just because I can. If I could use the most economical means to make my vision accessible, why not?

To me, it is best to describe vision and thoughts simply, to promote an understanding that doesn’t get in the way of the exterior. It is similar in writing, where the wise are stingy with words not because they don’t have access to the dictionary, but because with economy they can feed the imagination more than content.

This is totally different from my teaching philosophy. In teaching, I firmly believe that the student must have super skills to enjoy freedom to conjure his or her vision once out of the teacher’s studio.
Green, Kimono (cropped)
5 What are the 3 most important things an aspiring artist should know?

Art is always evolving: AVOID DOGMAS. Separate art from technique. All in life is transactional, is the most important divine law every artist must keep in mind before any creative pursuit. Life will conspire to help you fulfill your dream when your vision, purpose, and mission align with the needs of the universe.

Use your talent to help chisel the rough edges of evolution so that humanity can evolve and advance peacefully. Let the mystery of the universe, the beauty of people, and the nature of things inspire you to serve humanity with your art. After all, we are creative servants: divine messengers gifted to fulfill advancing visions. Our creations must bring hope and joy to life – inspiring and encouraging others to take on their own meaningful missions. For you never know when the toot of your maker’s bus will be sent to bring you home.
Carrie Pearce, What Child is This, oil on panel, 24 x 36 inches, 2018 (Bennett Prize Finalist)
MARCH 24 - MAY 8, 2021

The Bennett Prize® for Women Figurative Realist Painters
at Studio Incamminati
12 - 6pm, Wed - Sat
Free Admission
An exhibition of the finalists and winner of The Bennett Prize, the largest art prize for women painters in the nation.

This show highlights and recognizes the achievements of women painters that have been too long overlooked at a time when the craft of realist painting is being re-discovered. 
APRIL 17, 2021

Virtual Open House
12 - 2pm EST
Join us for a virtual tour of our space, watch demos, and ask questions about our articulate-BFA track with Rowan University and the prestigious Advanced Fine Art Program.
APRIL 18, 2021

Philadelphia Open Studio Tour (POST)
at Studio Incamminati
12 - 6pm EST
Our doors are wide open for the public to tour through our space, see our new skylight studios, student artwork, and enjoy our exhibition Rising Voices.

No registration needed, just show up! Masks required.
The Bennetts
MAY 8, 2021

Incamminati Portrait Livestream: The Bennetts
YouTube and Facebook
12 - 4 pm EST
Free admission

We continue our FB Live series with Instructors painting live for a 4-hour session in our skylight studios. This year, we invited philanthropists, art collectors, and Founders of The Bennett Prize, Steven A. Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt to pose for us.
Bok Bar outside deck. (Credit: Sam Oberter)
MAY 16, 2021

Drink & Draw with Studio Incamminati
Bok Bar's outside deck

Join us for a sunny afternoon portrait session at Bok Bar! Wendy Wagner will lead this unique Drink and Draw event featuring a live model framed by the beautiful Philadelphia skyline. In the spirit of the creative-based Bok Building, participants will be provided a bag with a sketchbook and art pencils that they can use for the event and keep with the hope these materials will be helpful for future creative pursuits!
This series invites internationally renowned artists and thought leaders to discuss personal creative philosophies on a wide variety of topics from history, to modern art, to art's place in medicine.

Cost is $10, or free for area art students.
Currently, all lectures will be held on Zoom, unless otherwise stated.

The series is supported by art collectors and philanthropists, Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt, Founders of The Bennett Prize.
Conversation with Samuel Adoquei
with Samuel Adoquei
Wednesday, April 21
6pm EST
The Artist's Life: Work. Ambition. Perseverance. Determination
an artist panel hosted by Alyssa Monks, featuring Will Cotton, Alex Kanevsky, Hollis Heichemer, and Mary Jane Ansell
Wednesday, May 19
6pm EST
Day-long intensive classes recommended for intermediate to advanced artists.
Geometric Abstraction for Perfect Proportion
with Jason Jenkins
May 15 - 16
9am - 4pm EST
on Zoom
Plein Air Watercolor in Philadelphia
with Marcelo Daldoce
Saturdays: May 29, June 5, 12, 19, & 26
10am - 5pm EST
at Boathouse Row and Fairmount Park
Composition and Color in Still Life for Art Educators
with Natalie Italiano
July 12 - 16
9am - 4pm EST
at Studio Incamminati
(Act 48 credits offered; discounted cost for art educators)
Portrait Painting Fundamentals for Art Educators
with Natalie Italiano
July 19 - 23
9am - 4pm EST
at Studio Incamminati
(Act 48 credits offered; discounted cost for art educators)
10-week, once a week classes focused on skill development. Recommended for beginners and those looking to brush up on basic skills. 
Applying Color Theory For Range and Key to the Figure
with Jason Jenkins
Saturdays, June 12 - August 14
1 - 3:30pm EST
on Zoom
Third Year Mentorship: A Pivotal Moment of Development
How does individuality and creativity come into play within a realist art training curriculum?
Studio Incamminati exists to meet the express needs of students eager to learn the aesthetic and philosophical techniques and principles of humanist realism.

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