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Students may not be in the classroom right now but CNA Education is still thinking about school. This edition of the CNA Education Update is dedicated to exploring the evolving role of school counselors. We also share some highlights from the inaugural Beyond STEM event.
The Role of High School Counselors in Improving College Access
b y Dr. Leslie Scott, Senior Research Scientist
Are school counselors the linchpin for student success? We often talk about teachers making a difference in children’s lives—and rightfully so. However, school counselors are increasingly becoming the primary change agents responsible for increasing all high school students’ enrollment in and completion of college. I explored this concept recently while representing CNA Education at the second Reach Higher National Postsecondary Strategy Institute.
An Interview with Dr. Leslie Scott
Dr. Leslie Scott is a senior research scientist in CNA's Education Division. She is an expert in leading not-for-profit research organizations and is adept at designing, implementing, and managing high-quality, multi-component survey research and evaluation studies. She also excels at conducting education analyses focusing on improving high school and college readiness, and college access, retention and completion for federal, state, local, and non-government entities.
Beyond STEM
The classroom replaced the office as part of the first ever Beyond STEM event. CNA partnered with Arlington Tech High School to share stories and real examples of where a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education can lead. War-gaming, cybersecurity and education experts from CNA talked about how a STEM degree lead to their dream jobs. Dr. Katherine McGrady along with Dr. Brittany Cunningham, Dr. Sarah Smedley, Dr. Robin Mays and Dr. Molly McIntosh met with about 50 students interested in STEM. This event was part of an IRC project to strengthen the research base on STEM education as an avenue for college and career readiness and successful entry into the workforce. 
CNA's STEM Capabilities
As technical and scientific innovation continue to drive the global economy, the cultivation of high-quality STEM education and training has become a pressing matter for the nation’s educators and policymakers. STEM education continues to align closely with the nation’s economic prosperity and helps students develop the technical, academic, and employability skills necessary to enter the workforce. CNA Education provides rigorous research, evaluation, and technical assistance efforts to strengthen the research base on STEM education as an avenue for college and career readiness and successful entry into the workforce for rural and military-connected populations. 
The Florida College and Career Readiness Initiative: Research Implications Outweigh Results : We use rigorous research techniques to evaluate the effects and implications of programs and policies. Our services include logic model development, power analysis, formative and consummative evaluations, implementation fidelity, randomized control trials, and quasi-experimental designs. We have a special knack for designing data collection using both qualitative and quantitative methods, including survey and questionnaire design; focus groups, interviews, observations, and site visits; literature reviews; and environment scans. Other expertise includes providing strong analytic services, including analysis of administrative and secondary data, multivariate analysis, multilevel modeling, propensity score matching, and regression discontinuity. We also have a special talent at examining the alignment of academic and technical programs with labor market needs.
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