Happy 4th of July!!!
from your Alpen Schatz Team
For the second year in a row, our quintessential Telluride 4th of July celebrations have been cancelled. However, that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate in spirit with our family and friends and remember what fun we've had in a Virtual Alpen Tour of our Alpen Schatz 4th of July fun over the years!

We at Alpen Schatz want to wish you a happy 4th and know that we will be thinking about you, our faithful fans, some of which who have travelled from far and wide to march with us in the Telluride 4th of July parade over the years.

Have a great 4th wherever you may be on this special day, and indeed carry on the celebrations all week long!

Mit ganz Liebe Grüßen,

Mary Dawn, Nikolai & Your Alpen Schatz Team
Highlights of our Alpen Schatz 4th of July over the Years
Check out our complete 4th of July Alpen Schatz Gallery from over 16 years of celebrating HERE Enjoy the virtual trip down memory lane!
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4th of July Fun

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A Parade of Happy Schatzi's!
Just some of our awesome Happies
Scout the Entlebucher is doing great. 50 pounds now. Almost ready for her pretty collar. 💕❤️👍
Scout! The only time I can get a pic is when she’s sleeping! 
Scout says hi!
Sweet Scout "The Survivor" in her Heidi Snowflake Swiss Collar

"Nice to hear from you again. The collar you’re sending is for a very special little Entlebucher girl. We went all the way to OK City for her. Got her home to ID and almost immediately, the vet bills started. I went through 4 vets, 4K and 4 weeks of time before she crashed into critical condition and we rushed 3 hours in the middle of the night to Boise. They all dismissed me when I complained of her distended hot abdomen and frequent urination. (Turns out these are top symptoms of kidney failure). One vet told me she’d grow out of it. 😳
She is a victim of EUS. Horrendously disfigured “kidney” and ureter. Small left kidney and bladder. We lived in a Boise hotel for 3 1/2 weeks- too scared to be more than a few minutes from the specialist. She came through surgery remarkably well.
She is now 4 1/2 months old. 35 pounds. Glistening and climbing the curtains. I’m thankful that I persisted in talking to vets in UK and Ireland and Canada. We have her on Darwin’s kidney diet and Astro Oil products. Her blood work amazed her new vet. Better than we ever thought possible!
I almost bought her the red Swiss flag collar for now even though I know she’ll grow out of it. We get tired of people calling her a beagle. 🤣
Adam was very sweet to ensure the Heidi collar will not be outgrown.
I share your site with our NEMDA buddies and Swissy pals. There’s lots of Bernese but I think dear Scout is the only Entle in southern ID."
Take care,
Kate and Scout
11 year old Klara wearing her Swiss Edelweiss Collar for many years

"I'm sorry for your loss. DaVinci looks like he was a wonderful soul ❤️

I'm sending you a pic of my girl Klara who will be 11 on April 14th and has been wearing her Edelweiß collar since she turned 3. It's a beautiful collar and has held up impeccably."

Monika F.
Regal Rupert in his HUNTER Swiss Cross Collar

"Hi Mary- Dawn, I am so very sorry for your loss of your magnificent DaVinci Schatz!
My belief is you will be together again, just not yet!"

Ed Levy and Rupert

PS Rupert is a son of Beowulf, thanks to Priscilla Young, Powder Keg Farm
Park City, Utah
Noble Gordo so handsome in his Contemporary Swiss Dog Collar

"Hi Mary Dawn,
 I am so sorry for your loss. When we lost our first Bernese, Stella I truly felt like my heart was breaking. After a year & a half we were lucky to get a beautiful puppy, Forever Kansas City Royal Alex Gordon (Gordo). He has definitely helped that gut feeling that I had, but my heart always has a place for Stella. I hope the same will be for you after your lose of DaVinci. Take good care."

With Berner love, 

Susan & Gordo
Logan's 1st Birthday present: A Traditional Swiss Dog Collar - Lucky Husky!

"You’re very welcome! I’ve always loved these collars and can’t wait to put it on my big boy when he turns 1 on May 24th. 😃

Have a great night!"

Basil posing in his first Alpen Schatz collar
5 Month Old Basil
Generations of pups in their Alpen Schatz Swiss Dog Collars

"Dear Marie Dawn,
Thank you so much for your email! I ordered another collar 15 years ago for my Labrador and I will cherish it forever. The little one I just ordered is for my Frenchie puppy.

The first one was Gracie whom I had purchased her collar 15 years ago. The second is our five month puppy Basil.

Thanks again!"

Alice P

Siggi styling in her new Peter Austrian Dog Collar

"Here is Siggi a 4 year old GSMD wearing her Austrian collar with a Swiss tag when we were up in the White Mountains of NH in Feb."

Conrad - Malden, MA
Maverick staying safe with his Swiss ID Tag


I had ordered Maverick Swiss tag a while back, sorry just sending pic.
He loves his fancy Swiss doggie tag!
Thank you",

Monique and Maverick
"Down under" Simba in her new Contemporary Swiss Dog Collar

"Simba loving her new collar!!"

Nat D- Victoria, Australia
Precious Saga of Norway looking regal in her brand new Traditional Swiss Dog Collar

"Hi Mary Dawn

It has arrived! Thanks, it looks great!

Please see the attached picture. I'll try to get a photo when we have been to the trimmer as the amount of fur is a lot at the moment.

We are very satisfied with the collar :)

Best regards,"

Marthe - Norway
Little Bit styling in his brand new Large Alpen Schatz Swiss Dog Collar

"Mary Dawn,
Just received the collar. It’s perfect. Please see photo of our one-year old German Wire Hair (Little Bit) sporting her new Alpen Schatz collar. Thank you!"

Ernest J.
Handsome Vern the Boxer in his Swiss Contemporary Collar

"Hey there-

We have had this collar for years now and absolutely love it. Thank you. :)"

Handsome Hugo with his new Red Swiss Cross Collar by HUNTER


Donna and I are so sorry to hear about DaVinci. I’m sure you have many happy memories.
Here are a couple pictures of Hugo, our 8y/o Entlebucher Mountain Dog. He has his new collar on and is in front of the beautiful Voglauer wardrobe we got from you/Alpen Schatz. I hope this brightens your day a bit."

Joseph and Donna
Plueti stuffed Bernese, Ollie, recently adopted by Jan - in memory of her two beloved Berners

"Hello Mary Dawn....just wanted to let you know that I received my stuffed Plueti Berner and he is absolutely perfect. I have named him Ollie (a tribute to my German Riding Pony Oakley and my beloved berner Wally...hence Ollie). He makes me smile and certainly looks real. I'm attaching a photo of him in my "very swiss kitchen". Thank you for the time and effort all of you put in to making it possible to order this particular dog.  

Loosing my berners was a grief I wasn't prepared for. They fill your heart with such love and affection. I spent a lot of time in Switzerland, living with families in Vaud (St. Croix, Yverdon and the tiny village of Possens). French was my college major and hence living abroad was included. I fell in love with Switzerland and the countryside with the cow bells always singing in the background. When I discovered the Bernese Mountain Dog was a swiss dog I was hooked. I actually discovered you and Alpen Schatz quite a few years ago at a Bernese Specialty and still have a key bob I bought from you. I can still picture your booth. Lovely. Anyway I will definitely have moments to hug my stuffed Berner and remember the joy Harley and Wally gave me. Thank you so much. And a big thank you to Adam for his help too." 
Sweet Heidi in her Heide Snowflake Swiss Collar!

"Hi all, 

Heidi loves her collar. Of course I added a little something to it, 😍!"

Monica M -

This one looks amazing on my silver Labrador!"

Alison W.
Tucker the White Boxer in his very well worn Alpen Schatz Swiss Dog Collar

"Me again. :)
Got a few better shots of Tucker with the collar as well. So hard to get good images of a white Boxer. :)  LOL"

Thank you again.

"Good morning Mary Dawn,

Thank you for sending the wonderful collar. It arrived yesterday, and was put straight on Sully! He looks very smart. Our other Berner (that we got when living in Switzerland) has a black one.
I have attached a photo to show how good its looks!"

Vanessa P 

"Your collars have adorned my dogs necks for many years and will do so in the future. I bought my first two in Appenzell and then found your company when I needed different ones and I wasn’t returning at the time to Switzerland. 

Sent a video of my dogs being naughty digging, but you’ll see their collars!"

Sandra J
Tahoe City, CA
RIP dear Phillip (Swiss Edelweiss Collar & Leash)

"We have been you customers for over 20 years both of our dogs had your collar and a leash which are lovely. Unfortunately Philip just passed away being 12 years old, it is a great loss for us, in his memory we decided to keep his collar and a leash, thus it will remind us of him and you."

Sweet Emmi helping out in her Traditional Swiss Dog Collar

"Our housekeeping staff. Emmi does this each time Missy tries to make the bed."

Carmel, California
Alpen Schatz Swiss Dog Collar - lasting a lifetime and beyond

Hello! I love your collars--we are on our 4th Bernese Mountain Dog and discovered your collars for the last 2. In fact, our dog Axel's collar we purchased at your store in Telluride and which he wore for 10 years until he died. When he passed away last year we framed his collar and have it hanging in our kitchen. They're so beautiful, and last forever.

Thank you!
Jane M.

We LOVE seeing our happy customers in their Alpen Schatz gear - whether furry or not! Please EMAIL us pictures of your beloved pet or yourself enjoying your Alpen Schatz bling and we will feature you in an upcoming Newsletter and on our Instagram @alpenschatz and Facebook Page Alpen Schatz Boutique.

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