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Making It In America: Revitalizing U.S. Manufacturing   A new McKinsey Global Institute study reports demand is rising at home and abroad, with enormous room to grow exports, since less than 1 percent of US firms sell into international markets!

What Industry Is in Your Wallet?  A look at productivity shows value added per employee across all manufacturing industries in 2016 was just over $175,000. 
The most productive industry - petroleum and coal products - is about 20 times more productive than the lowest ranked industry - apparel, leather and allied products.  


March 8, April 26 and May 31 - Colchester 

Growth opportunities exist in global markets and exporting can be an important strategy for increasing sales. Today, 95% of the world's consumers live outside of the United States. Learning how to tap into these new markets can have a huge upside potential.  VMEC can help!  

The Spring 2018 program will be Vermont's sixth ExporTech™ offering for VT-based businesses. Companies / enterprises are able to quickly move from planning to closing export sales (in just 12 weeks!). No company or enterprise is "too small" to export.

Through a working partnership between VMEC and Vermont State and Federal Agencies,  26 companies in VT 
have successfully completed this program.   You can be next! 

Also, a Small Business Administration (SBA) competitive grant award through the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) may be able to assist your company with funding support for ExporTech 2018 eligible companies.  C ontact Lisa Henderson, VMEC Director of Client Services, at  or  (802) 299-1456 for information on the program or to let us know of your interest.

Working smarter is not random.  Innovation Engineering training and tools enable you and your team to work smarter, faster and more creatively every day. Check out the listing of upcoming IE webinars at this page and register today!   

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January 17, 24 and 31, 2018

In three (3), consecutive, 1-hour Wednesday sessions, VMEC and Engleman Associates, Inc. will present an informative and FREE webinar series, "Software That Runs Your Business".  These webinars are presented for you to make business system improvements today and plan for tomorrow as well as to learn how to conduct this work with great care in cost and risk control.  ERP projects are about improving efficiency of business processes and competitiveness; operationally focused executives and team members must own the project to more rapidly and fully reach top-level success. 

These webinars are delivered at no cost but all participants must pre-register.  Please note that you must  register for each webinar separately. 

Interested in hosting a VMEC Forum in 2018?  

The Vermont Manufacturer's Forum provides an  informal opportunity for Vermont manufacturers to exchange ideas and discuss practical solutions to common operational problems.  This may include lessons learned during their Lean journey, innovation or other system/ solution implementation experiences, or to announce exciting new manufacturing capabilities and new products as well as a place to interact with potential customers. 

VMEC is seeking companies to open their doors in 2018 (and beyond) for this FREE learning and networking event for manufacturers.  If you're interested in finding out what it takes to host a VMEC forum, please contact Robynn Albert, VMEC Marketing and Training Manager, at (802) 793-2078 or 


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Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association Annual Meeting - January 26, West Rutland  This event includes a tour of H. Hirschmann LTD with meeting to follow. 

VTC Continuing Education Opportunities  From business to electrical & plumbing to healthcare and beyond - trainings for everyone!