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We are very happy to have been given an important honorary award by the Greek Exports Forum, for our success as a Newly Established Export Company. In order to celebrate the event, we offer for a limited time a massive discount to our Collection and Super Collection sets so that all our fans can get hold of our cubes. More information about this as well as photos from the awarding ceremony can be found in this newsletter.  


Also following the earlier release of the "essential" pillow-shaped version of the V-CUBE™ 4, the flat version of our four layered cube is now available. You can find more information as well as links to buy the new cube below.


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Export Company Honorary Award
Massive Discount to Collection sets
V-CUBE 4 is now released
Newly Established Export Company Honorary Award given to V-CUBE™

The whole V-CUBE Team is extremely happy as we have been given an honorary award by the Greek Exports Forum for our success as a Newly Established Export Company. This recognition comes from a very well respected and internationally recognised body consisting of esteemed businessmen, investment bankers and government officials which promotes some of the most well known Greek brands globally. Our company's history may be short however our innovative and high quality products and their appeal to the international markets have become noticeable and we have been fortunate enough to have received multiple awards as a recognition for our efforts.

Of course we dedicate this award to all our fans who have supported us since the very first days of our company and who continue to do so whenever they get the chance. In order to celebrate this award as well as to express our gratitude to all of you we have decided to offer 500 white and 500 black Collection or Super Collection sets, in massively discounted prices for a limited period of time.
So for the next couple of weeks we will offer our Collection sets for a price of €99, a discount of €69 on the combined value of the cubes included in the set, while the Super Collection sets will be offered for €114, a discount of €75 on the combined value of the cubes included in the set. No, this is not an April fools' joke!
Please note that the offer will be available for as long as there is stock available. Don't miss the chance to be one of the 1000 lucky fans to get the whole collection of our products in this amazing price. Links for the sets can be found further down in this newsletter. 

V-CUBE™ 4 is now released

The V-CUBE 4, the flat version of our four layered cube is now officially released and available through our web-store. Our latest cube features the well known V-CUBE™ level product quality found in all our products and shares the same smooth rotation with the V-CUBE 4b which has already become one of our fans' favorite. 

This is an important milestone for us as we now have a complete product family ranging from two layered all the way to seven layered cubes and paves the way to the introduction of even bigger cubes in the future. 

You can now order yours using the links below.    

Here is the flat-shaped version of the V-CUBE 4, available both in black and white colored plastic.    


V-CUBE 4 - Flat White 



V-CUBE 4 - Flat Black 



V-CUBE™ 4 Do It Yourself    


Available is also the Do It Yourself version of the V-CUBE™ 4 . The DIY version is ideal for speedcubing as they come with 3 sets of springs to adjust the cube based on your speed-cubing liking. The kit also comes with 2 sets of stickers.


V-CUBE 4 DIY - Flat White




V-CUBE™ 4 DUO       
Both version of the V-CUBE™ 4, the classical flat-shaped and the "essential" pillow-shaped one are also available together in the V-CUBE 4 DUO pack at a discounted price. 


 V-CUBE 4 DUO White  




V-CUBE™ Collection and V-CUBE™ Super Collection sets


Our V-CUBE Collection and V-CUBE Super Collection sets have expanded to now include the flat versions of the V-CUBE 4. These collection sets are heavily discounted compared to buying separately all cubes included in the packs so don't miss them if you want to get the full range of our products. These sets will also enjoy for a limited time period the massive discounts described above.


We hope you take delight in the news about the latest award we were given, the release of the V-CUBE™ 4 and the discount to our Collection and Super Collection sets. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming soon!  


Warm regards,


The V-CUBE™ Team 

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