Volume III, No. 13 | Experiments on infants|
October 25, 2021 (19 Cheshvan 5782)
Exposing experiments on late-term aborted babies at Pitt
Greetings and Shalom!

Much of the details and information revealed in the video above is graphic and disturbing. It is essential viewing not just for pro-life advocates, but for every American citizen. If we are to remain a civil society that values all human life as sacred, the gruesome and inhumane experiments going on a Pitt must end NOW.

The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) is involved in these horrific experiments under the guise of "research." This involves the intentional destruction of late-term aborted babies that survive, and the babies are then murdered to obtain their organs. The babies are aborted alive via labor induction and then killed to harvest the freshest organs possible for experimental transplantation of stem cells into humans.

This month, the Pennsylvania Family Council conducted a forum with several important pro-life speakers to discuss in detail the nature of these experiments. The panel included David Daleiden, Founder of the Center for Medical Progress, who exposed on video Planned Parenthood's harvesting and sale of aborted baby body parts; Cecily Routman, President of the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation; Joseph Meaney, PhD, President of the National Catholic Bioethics Center; former Pennsylvania Superior Court judge, the Honorable Cheryl Allen; and Pennsylvania State Rep. Tim Bonner.

It is hard to believe that in the United States these barbaric, cruel experiments are going on and are funded by the United States government. But there are huge profits involved, and an apparent quid pro-quo between the abortion industry and Pitt, and funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) office of the NIH. That's right. Anthony Fauci's office provided the grant.
Is this where we are headed?
As part of their "research" during the Holocaust, the Nazis committed atrocious crimes that included experimentation and murder of Jewish victims by Dr. Josef Mengele, to obtain their organs for use. You will hear more about that in the video.
The image above (from Wikipedia) shows children who were victims of horrific Nazi experiments. They were deliberately infected with tuberculosis, then their ancillary lymph nodes removed. Later the children were murdered.
Every week, I attend an online political discussion forum to hear what so-called progressives have to say. I am the lone conservative pro-life attendee and voice for life. The others are Democrats who voted for Joe Biden and consider themselves "pro-choice."

When I told them last week about this video and posted the link, they refused to watch it. The host of the group stated, "I see it is run by the Pennsylvania Family Council." The facts and information in the video don't matter to the radical Democrats whom support abortion.

That's what we are up against. The amoral Democrats in this country have taken a giant leap backward into the dark ages. Make no mistake: Secularism is their religion. They take action to get what they want. We need to do the same.

Please contact your state legislators and share the video, so they will be aware that these continued unethical and brutal experiments are going on.

Tell them if they want your vote, they must make this a priority and take decisive action to stop fetal experimentation and get this banned. Ask them to conduct a full investigation to uncover all individuals and groups responsible for this grisly trade, and where money is being exchanged for the harvesting of fetal organs.

Our civilization and our humanity will be lost if this continues.

Thank you for your support and your efforts.

For all generations born and not yet born,

For life,

Bonnie Chernin
President, Jewish Life League
"The authentic Jewish pro-life message for everyone."
Pro-Life Christians are right
Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg has made a career out of distorting the authentic Jewish pro-life position on abortion, stating that Judaism supports the woman's right to abortion.

That is a lie.

In her current article co-authored with pro-abortion Baptist minister Katey Zeh and published in the Washington Post, her tactic with Ms. Zeh was to distort the Exodus 21 passage by examining only one word from that entire verse to prove abortion-on-demand is justified in Jewish law.

I wrote a three page letter to Danya Ruttenberg and point by point, I dispute her claims. My letter is linked here and in the button below.

Rabbi Ruttenberg has yet to respond to my letter. No surprise.
The Ruttenberg/Zeh duo omit the entire Hebrew and Christian Scriptures because it does not fit their pro-abortion narrative.

There was a well-deserved backlash against the Washington Post from Franklin Graham and other Christian leaders in this article from Fox News.
To be clear, there was no "reproductive justice" in ancient Israel. Induced abortion was not even a custom. It was the Jewish people who decried the evil routine abortion practice of the pagan cultures in their midst.

I replied to Ms. Ruttenberg, providing the facts about traditional pro-life beliefs in Judaism. Indeed, the long-established Jewish position on abortion aligns closely with the Christian position. Both religions hold that all human life is sacred, and that innocent and defenseless unborn children deserve protection.
We do not support the opinions of radical abortion activists.
Supreme Court to hear oral arguments
for Texas Heartbeat Act
Hearings begin Nov. 1
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a number of important pro-life cases that will take place in the current session. The Texas Heartbeat Act oral arguments begin on November 1, followed by hearings on the Mississippi Dobbs case in December.

Murdered in Manchester UK
We are saddened to report that last week, little 2-year old Alta Fixsler was taken off her life-sustaining equipment and she died in the UK. For this atrocious act, we can thank the pro-death agenda of the British and European courts. Alta's parents are Chassidic Jews with dual citizenship in Israel and the United States. They obtained a visa for Alta to be transported to the U.S or Israel, and both countries were ready to welcome Alta and provide her with treatment.

But the Courts denied the Fixslers' pleas for transportation. What the Court did is vile religious discrimination and contempt for human life.

As I wrote in my article on Alta's case, the law is not applied equally. Justice MacDonald did the right thing by allowing Tafida Raqeeb to leave the UK for treatment. But his decision in Alta's case is contemptible.

Euthanasia is the preferred treatment policy for children in the UK.

Kudos to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) for his compassionate stand on behalf of Alta and her family:

Chemical Abortion
Do not miss these two important reports on the history of chemical abortion in America. Much thanks to LiveAction.org, The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG.org) and The Heritage Foundation for this important research:

Essential Pro-Life Reading
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Abortion Hurts. It's Time To Heal.
Tikvat Rachel Announcement
We just began our Tikvat Rachel
Zoom meetings
on Thursday October 21.

The meetings are ongoing, held
every Thursday at 6:30 pm Eastern time.

If you are post-abortive and feeling grief or regret, you are welcome to join our group!

Please call now.
There is help, hope and support.

Contact Barbara at 347-566-7898 for more information.

Tikvat Rachel is a unique program developed specifically for Jewish women and men suffering with feelings of pain and loss from a previous abortion. We offer an ongoing teshuvah-based program that provides a safe, compassionate and confidential healing pathway so you can recover from the pain of a past abortion experience.

The meeting will be ongoing, every week. Contact Barbara at 347-566-7898 for more information.
Jerusalem Lights - The Tests of Our Lives
Rabbi Richman's weekly Parashat videos are heartfelt, meaningful and informative. This week, the rabbi talks about Avraham and the ten trials he endured, culminating with the binding of Isaac. Rabbi Richman tells us that Avraham "fought boldly against a sea of idolatrous PC conformity that was steeped in denial of G-d, corruption and immorality."

We are always being tested. We please G-d not with our potential that is hidden, but when we take our natural gifts and give expression to them when put to the test, transforming potential into positive action.

We live in a society that embraces cultural decadence and contempt for human life. I believe it is our test as pro-lifers to endure and continue the fight for life.

As Rabbi Richman teaches, we are all tested by G-d, but nothing more than what we are able to pass.

Enjoy the rabbi's presentation.
Pregnancy Resource Centers Remain Open

In the midst of the COVID-19 national crisis, there are pregnancy centers that remain open. If you are pregnant and need help or know someone who is considering abortion, there are life-affirming options available. Please visit the following organization links:
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