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Motorcycle fatalities on the rise
As the halfway point of the "100 Deadliest Days" between Memorial Day and Labor Day approaches, MoDOT wants to remind motorists to be mindful of safety every trip, every time.

Motorcycle fatalities are climbing in Missouri. So far this year, there have been 65 motorcyclists fatalities - an increase of 25% from this time in 2020. Thirty-five of these motorcyclists were not wearing a helmet. There were only two such fatalities at this point last year.

Missouri law requires riders under the age of 26 or anyone operating under an instruction permit to wear a DOT-compliant helmet. However, all motorcyclists are encouraged to wear a helmet to be as safe as possible.

Motorcyclists should also commit to operating at appropriate speeds and never operating their bike while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Other motorists can help improve the safety of motorcyclists by paying attention and looking twice for motorcycles, as they are more susceptible to being hidden in a vehicle's blind spots or simply being overlooked. Always allow motorcyclists a full lane width.

Overall, there have been nearly 500 fatalities on Missouri roadways this year. MoDOT wants to remind all road users to take these simple steps to help keep you and your passengers safe: wear a seat belt or a motorcycle helmet, put your cellphone down and never drive impaired.

Learn more about how you can help by checking out Missouri's Show-Me Zero plan at
Governor signs transportation funding bill
On July 13, Gov. Parson signed SB 262, which will increase transportation funding for critical state and local infrastructure. When the full 12.5 cents are added in 2025, it will generate approximately $500 million per year. Of that, approximately $350 million per year will be available for state projects. 
Come for the snow, stay for the mow
MoDOT is currently hiring for full-time maintenance positions across the state. Salaries start at $14.75 an hour, depending on level of experience and area of operation. For more information and to apply online, go to
Enter the BUPD video PSA contest!
The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is seeking your help in creating the next Buckle Up Phone Down public service announcement. Find contest details here. The winning PSA will be showcased in this year's BUPD Day celebration and featured statewide. Learn more.
Rural Road Safety Awareness Week is July 19-23
Rural Road Safety Awareness Week promotes actions everyone can take in rural areas to safely Live, Work and Explore along the #RuralRoadtoZero: slow down, watch for slow-moving vehicles such as buggies or farm equipment, and give all road users plenty of space! Learn more.
Fatality update
Statewide fatality totals as reported on the Missouri State Highway Patrol website as of July 11, 2021
2021 totals - 488 / 2018 totals - 455
2020 totals - 489 / 2017 totals - 467
2019 totals - 409 / 2016 totals - 449

Take the challenge
When you get into any vehicle, buckle up your seat belt. If you are a driver, put the cellphone down. Join the 14,097 who have taken the pledge so far.

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