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Missouri's annual No MOre Trash! Bash returns April 1
Help beautify Missouri and put litter in its proper place
It’s spring cleaning time. The month of April marks Missouri’s annual No MOre Trash! Bash coordinated by the Missouri Department of Transportation. During the annual statewide anti-litter event, volunteers are encouraged to clean up litter adjacent to highways to help beautify Missouri.

The No MOre Trash! Bash is an annual outreach of MoDOT’s year-round litter control efforts. It has been held every spring since 2004 except for 2020 when COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the event out of safety concerns. Additional COVID-19 restrictions limited the use of nearly 240 work release prisoners and required social distancing for field operations engaged in litter control performed by MoDOT staff. These factors have contributed to a marked increase in trash along Missouri’s highways.

Last year, MoDOT spent $6.4 million to remove litter from more than 385,000 acres of roadsides along 34,000 state highway miles. The annual volunteer efforts to pick up litter along Missouri highways - including the Adopt-A-Highway program - have been valued at more than $1 million.

This year’s No MOre Trash! Bash kickoff will include virtual events with Adopt-A-Highway volunteers, students and community groups interested in participating in roadside trash pickup. Trash bags and safety vests will be provided to groups engaged in litter pickup.

Groups are encouraged to exercise special COVID-19 safety precautions. To learn more about how you can safely participate, visit or call 1-888-ASK-MODOT (1-888-275-6636).
Turn around - don't drown!
Heavy springtime rainfall means a higher possibility of flooded roadways. Floodwaters can be deeper than they appear. For your own safety and the safety of everyone in your vehicle, don't drive through flooded areas. Consult MoDOT's Traveler Map for current road conditions.
Are you up to date?
With MoDOT's E-update System, you can receive email notifications on road work by county, by specific projects or statewide. You can also sign up for text alerts or email notifications for incidents and emergency closings. Check it out - E-update.
Today in transportation history
March 25, 1807 - The world's first passenger railway made its debut in England. The Swansea and Mumbles Railway was originally intended to transport coal, iron-ore and limestone via horse-drawn cars, but approval was given to carry passengers along the line. Photo by AASHTO.
Fatality update
Statewide fatality totals as reported on the Missouri State Highway Patrol website as of March 22, 2021
2021 totals - 158 / 2018 totals - 173
2020 totals - 164 / 2017 totals - 169
2019 totals - 143 / 2016 totals - 174

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