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May 2019
Job match for man with autism in Fergus
Extended Employment services help people with disabilities all over Minnesota to find and keep fulfilling jobs like Mark Hintgen’s position at Meadow Farm Foods in Fergus Falls. He’s supported by Productive Alternatives.

“When it comes to Productive Alternatives, we get consistent employment, and we get friendly employment,” said Sander Habraken, owner of Meadow Farm Foods.

Hintgen is on the autism spectrum. Job coach Samantha Gervais helps him to water flowers, weigh and bag bulk products and check dates on items -more-
More about Life Enrichment Awards
Self-advocacy training, arts education, theater, community programming and an Aktion Club through Kiwanis earned recognition for this year's Life Enrichment Award winners. Read about several MOHR member efforts. -more-

You can also attend upcoming award presentations. See the MOHR events calendar on Facebook.
Video: 'We could be here tomorrow. You just never know'
Mike Burgess had a career in construction and helped build one disability service provider's building in the late 1990s. Who could have predicted that a brain injury 20 years later would have him working in that same building? -More about Mike-
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Capitol: action needed soon to support wages
The "Competitive Workforce Factor" must survive in the current Health and Human Services Omnibus bills! Your emails and calls to legislators can help. View details and take action with the Best Life Alliance. -Sign up for updates-
MSS caregiver named DSP of Year for Minn.
With a love for direct care and assistive technology to help people communicate, Service Coordinator Lisa Riley with MSS is the 2019 Direct Support Professional (DSP) of the Year for Minnesota.

The award, from the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), recognizes outstanding professionals who provide long-term supports and services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“I often describe DSPs as ‘community navigators.’ Far more than just caregivers, DSPs do it all. From navigating civic life to supporting individuals to create a sense of community around them, DSPs make magic in their communities every single day,” said ANCOR’s Chief Executive Officer Barbara Merrill. -more-
Lisa was featured in this ARRM video about Dan.
DSPs make ends meet
MOHR interviewed three direct support professionals (DSPs), who each shared their stories of how they survive on sub-market rate wages and why they stick with the jobs they love. Watch for their stories in an upcoming MOHR impact.
WACOSA receives Life Enrichment Award

ProAct Playhouse receives Life Enrichment Award

Day at the Capitol photos
National DSP Recognition Week is in September: Are you planning to promote, recognize and celebrate their contributions this year? Start talking about it now.
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