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December 1, 2021
Extending the Branches of Justice
CARPLS is leading the expansion of legal services to meet life challenges facing Illinoisans. However, it takes your support to ensure that we can continue to extend the branches of justice where it's needed most.

Since the pandemic began, we are seeing more clients face evictions, collections, and other financial problems. Two-thirds of our new clients are speaking to an attorney for the first time in their lives when they reach us, adding to their anxiety levels. CARPLS has led the development of five programs, many statewide, which focus on COVID-related legal issues, cannabis expungement, debt, unemployment, and evictions.
Leslie Corbett, Executive Director of the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation, funds CARPLS' work through a number of different projects.
"I believe that CARPLS serves as a connector for Cook county and now the State of Illinois. If by chance I had run into someone who had never heard of CARPLS, or perhaps didn't know what the acronym stood for, I would say three things: common sense, legal advice and resources when you need them and compassion."
Please consider making a donation in any amount by December 31 to support our mission of access to justice for all. 84 cents of every dollar is invested in our client services! Your dollars matter at CARPLS.
Meet Kathleen Callahan: Supervising Attorney, Municipal Court Advice Desk
On October 18, 2021, CARPLS launched the first-ever Virtual Help Desk with the Municipal Court Advice Desk (MCAD), where we provide real time legal services to clients using Zoom.

Meet Kathleen Callahan, Supervisor of MCAD, and learn more about the work we’re doing to help clients in the courts during the pandemic.

Kathleen is dedicated and committed to our clients and CARPLS. She brings excellent skills as an attorney, which impacts so many people trying to find their way through the courts. She brings great knowledge, calmness and relatability. We are pleased to have her as a Supervising Attorney at the MCAD desk.

Kathleen has spent the majority of her 20+ legal career committed to working in legal aid. During law school, Kathleen found her calling when she worked as a PILI intern for the Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation (now Legal Aid Chicago).
Client Finds Solace Through CARPLS
"Erin" recently called CARPLS about a family law matter. Our attorneys advised her and made her feel comfortable before going into the holidays.

"CARPLS attorneys provide justice for the low income and uninformed population. They protect citizens who otherwise would be subject to gross injustice due to financial and or educational status. I thank God for CARPLS. I hope they can continue helping the citizens who would otherwise be uninformed of how to navigate legal issues."

If you know someone who needs legal help, direct them to our free legal aid hotline at 312-738-9200 or to
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