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  • מילים עם סיבורד
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Uncovering Seaboard USY
By: Rachel Robin
Class of 2019, Har Shalom Chapter Rel / Ed, Tfillot & Ruach Chair
At my eighth grade Winter Kadima Kallah, we learned the ruach song “Adama Vishamayim.” It was my first real sense of what bridging from Kadima to USY would be like. I immediately fell in love with the song. On the bus on the way to snow tubing, I wouldn't stop singing it. For the first few repetitions, my friends joined in, but the more I repeated it, the less interested they became in joining in, and the more interested they became in finding a way to get me to be quiet. For the ENTIRE bus ride, I was singing the song at varying volumes: loud to annoy my friends and perhaps entice them to sing with me, quietly to myself when I (temporarily) heeded their requests for silence, and everything in between. My ceaseless singing would occasionally be interrupted by a “Rachel, how are you STILL singing that song?” or exasperated questions like “Ugh, Rachel, isn't that enough repetitions?”, but I never got sick of it. Ever since I learned “Adama Vishamayim,” the song has been running in the background of my mind. Today, every time my friends and I hear that song at a convention, they roll their eyes at the memory, but I smile because, even when I was annoying, the family I found in USY stuck with me.
SA/TO Scoop!
By: Nathan Moskowitz
Class of 2019, CuBsEy Chapter President, Social Action Chair
Welcome to this year’s SA/TO Scoop!
In the past weeks, there have been so many amazing social action opportunities that Seaboard USYers have been involved in. On Yom Kippur, many synagogues had food drives where they donated the food that would’ve been eaten on that day. Since we were fasting, this was the perfect way to provide for those who might be in need. However, people aren’t only in need once or twice a year, so we must strive to regularly donate food and other necessary supplies all year round.
In addition, kicking off the USY year with regional and chapter programming meant that we saw many small pieces of social action. Being inclusive, talking to others, and giving compliments are all important parts of social action that can help brighten up someone else’s day. October 5th was World Smile Day, which meant it was the perfect day to help a stranger out and share a smile with everyone you met, a friend or a stranger.
Sadly, Hurricane Florence struck earlier this month, effecting many Seaboard USYers in North Carolina, as well as communities in South Carolina. While relief efforts have begun, hurricanes can take a long time to recover from, which means its important to do what we can to help. Anything from monetary donations, to actually helping repair damages caused by the storm are extremely helpful. As always, there are infinite ways to help!
Let’s repair the world together, Seaboard!
Meet Julie!
By: Julie Rosenthal
Far West USY Alum, Class of 2017, Seaboard USY Engagement Intern 2018-2019
Hey Seaboard USY! My name is Julie Rosenthal, and I am your Regional Engagement Intern for the year! I can't wait to meet everyone and put names and faces together, so when you see me around at regional events, come say hi! I am an Exercise Science major and Deaf Studies minor at Towson University. I was a part of Far West USY for most of my time in USY, and EPA for Kadima. I got involved in being an intern for USY, because I wanted to make a difference in teens' lives. The staff members at USY events have a real impact on the USYers participating and I wanted to have that same impact on someone else. One of my first memories in Kadima is my aunt, who was a Regional Director for Tzafon, taking us all to do tie-dye at Encampment. It was one of the activities that really made me want to continue in USY / Kadima, because I met new people and had fun doing it. My goals for this year are to meet as many USYers and Kadimaniks as I possibly can, and to make a difference, even if only for one person. I want every USYer & Kadimanik to go home having had the best weekend of their life!
מילים עם סיבו ר ד
Words With Seaboard
Phrase: על הפנים (Al Hapanim)
Literal Meaning: on the face
Slang Meaning: things are no good
Example: Uh oh, al hapanim...
My First USY Experience
By: Maya Bellas
Class of 2020, BSO Chapter President, Junior Class Chair
Last year I went to Fall Convention, my first overnight event in USY. I had gone to a couple regional day events and a few chapter events beforehand, but I consider Fall 2017 my pivotal USY experience. Going into the convention, I was somewhat intimidated by the energy around me and scared that I wouldn’t have any friends seeing as many people already had their friend groups established. Within the first couple of hours of being at Capital Camps, however, that all changed. Pretty quickly, the people I knew from past events approached me and began introducing me to new people; I think I made 20 new friends within the span of one hour! Despite being newer to USY, everyone treated me like a long time friend, and suddenly my anxiety and nerves faded away - and I felt like I belonged.
I love shira (singing) and ruach sessions, they are my absolute favorite part of going to summer camp and being Jewish. Lucky for me, there’s a lot of that in USY. There was a certain magic and spirit that filled the room during my first sloach on Saturday evening; that was when I fell in love with USY!
Ask A College Student
By: Ryan Siegel
Seaboard Alum, Class of 2015
At University of Maryland - Baltimore County, I do my best to practice as many customs as possible. Eating Kosher on campus, however, isn’t always easy, especially considering that I live in an apartment with three non-Jewish roommates. However, the dining hall’s Kosher section is very popular among both Jewish and non-Jewish students alike! Along with that, I also work at the campus Hillel, where we have programs for many holidays, and Shabbat dinner every Friday night. For example, during Sukkot, I helped build the Hillel Sukkah, and spent a lot of time there!
Make your summer #myUSYSummer!
For more than 55 years USY Summer Experience has provided life-changing summer travel opportunities...

Our trip destinations include North America, Israel, Europe, and beyond, opening participants eyes to new places, experiences, and different cultures all over the globe.

Now it's your turn, see where it takes you!
Meet the Editors
By: Sami Weston Class of 2021, BSO Chapter Comm, Photographer
and Judith Altneu Class of 2020, BIUSY Chapter Mem/Kad
Hi friends! For those that don’t know me, my name is Sami and I just started my sophomore year at Watkins Mill High School in Montgomery Village, MD. I’m so thrilled to be a Seaboarder Editor alongside Judith this coming year! I’m also so delighted and looking forward to meeting new USYers by working with them on their articles and gaining friends I probably never would’ve met otherwise. I actually just started reading the Seaboarder at the end of last year and I am so disappointed in myself for not starting earlier! Make sure to stay frequently updated!
Hi everyone! My name is Judith, and I’m a Junior at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, MD this year. I’m super excited to be one of the editors for this years’ Seaboarder! I’m also super excited to read your articles and get to know many USYers even better than I already do! In previous years, I always looked forward to getting and reading the Seaboarder each month. The Seaboarder is a great way to stay connected with Seaboard USY and get to learn more about fellow USYers and staff in Seaboard! Lastly, I hope to make the Seaboarder the best it can be this year!
Torah Aura 2.0!
Video provided by BimBam
This week's Torah portion is Noah. In this parsha, G-d tells Noah to build an ark and gather couples of all the animals. A great flood wipes away everything on earth and only the animals on Noah's ark survive. Watch the video to learn more about this weeks parsha!
Behind the Scenes of Seaboard USY
By: Joe Rubin Regional Mem/Kad
and Jimmy Stluka Regional IA
I’ve been working on a lot of different things! Most importantly, the Kadima Chair, Shayna Davis and I have started planning Fall Kadima Kallah (October 26 th -28 th )!!! We can’t wait for an amazing Kallah filled with some really exciting programs! Following Leadership Training Institute, I have also been talking with all of the chapter Membership / Kadima VPs and Membership / Kadima Regional General Board members to set some goals for the year and to make sure we are all on the same page! Every chapter Mem / Kad VP also went through a new chapter check-in sheet to specifically see where they can improve; this also helped me to see where we should focus our efforts as a region! There is a lot more to come, but we can’t wait for an AMAZING year!
- Joe Rubin
For the past couple months, I have started to work on making Lyric and Translation videos. They aren’t very complicated, but it takes time to make a transliteration, and more complicated still, making a translation of a song for a language that I do not speak. I have also started working to send out an Israel Update, so that every USYer can learn about the most current events in Israel from the comfort of their own home, without having to do the research themselves.
- Jimmy Stluka
Upcoming Events

  • 9th - 12th grades
  • November 16th - 18th at Capital Retreat Center in Waynesboro, PA
  • Register by October 31st at regpacks.com/Seaboard1819!

  • Grades 6-12
  • Sundays in January - March 2018
  • Frost Middle School, Rockville, MD
  • Registration now open at regpacks.com/Seaboard1819!
  • December 20th - 23rd in Charleston, SC
  • Register today at the same time as IC registration
  • Contact Sasha for more information, and pricing options!

  • December 23rd - 27th in Orlando, FL
  • Join over 750 USYers from all across North America for a 5 day long convention in Sunny Orlando
  • For more information, or to register, head to usy.org/IC!
Chapter Spotlight
Har Shalom & Beth Israel - Owings Mills
Hey everyone! On October 28th, join Har Shalom USY for our D.C. Scavenger Hunt! We will be meeting at Grosvenor metro station at 1:00, and will spend the afternoon exploring D.C. together! We can't wait to see you there!
For more information, email yael@harshalom.org.
An aMAZEing time with BIOM USY! We will be meeting at Rodgers' farm at 1:00 on Sunday Oct. 14th, and will have a fun-filled mystery trying to find our way out of the maze with our friends! This event is open to all Jewish high schoolers, so bring a friend! RSVP here ! We're so excited to see you there!
Want your chapter's events to spotlighted in the Seaboarder? We want to highlight it! Contact our Seaboarder editors for more information on how your chapter's events can get shout outs here!