Top Five Newsworthy Ideas to Keep Your Company Visible
There’s no doubt that a press release or post on social media is still the best way to get your message out to the marketplace. At GBG, press releases and social media platforms are the backbone of our practice. What we often hear from our clients is, “What should I put in my press release or post?” Our latest Market Smart tip provides some of the best “newsworthy” ideas and examples for your communication.

Changes such a renovation or expansion of a business is an important message for the public to know. Here’s an example of a US Company reaching out for business South of the Border.
Provide helpful tips related to your business. You don’t need to be always selling something. Customers appreciate helpful advice too! Here’s a release from a travel provider that offers great ways to entertain yourself while during a long wait for a
connecting flight. Read more here.

It’s always important to announce a new product, service or a new business. Here’s a press release announcing a new business featuring a “personal” conversation with the owner. Your customers often want to feel a connection to you and your business and this release does just that. Click here.

Receiving or being nominated for an award is an honor and something to be proud of. Share your recognition with your customers. Your customers will appreciate that your business and its employees are thought of highly by others in the industry.
Done a good deed? Most customers want to know if your company cares about giving back to society. Philanthropy is important in our world where there is so much need. If there is particular charity that you actively support, use a press release or post to social media to let others know how you support it. 
Best way to keep on top of web searches? A press release does it every time. So consider these five story ideas to get you going.